Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 The An Family

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Yun Bixue knew that if she did not find Xie Limo, she would probably have a mental breakdown.

Hence, she would go and find him no matter how hard it was. This time, she brought a backpack with her that contained some daily necessities, emergency medication, and some rope and hooks for climbing.

It could be said that she brought everything she could think of. She had to believe in herself. She had also undergone a long period of training under Xie Limos help previously, so she had the necessary survival skills needed to navigate the snow-covered wilderness. She believed she could put these skills to good use this time.

When Yun Bixue boarded the plane, more shocking news was revealed in the capital.

A lady bravely went to the media station of her own accord to request for a media interview. She took out a photo as evidence and accused the Young Master An of the An family for abandoning her after the mess he made. She accused him of sleeping with her, yet wanting to silence her afterwards. Although she did not have ample evidence to accuse him of murder, it still revealed his behavior.

This news was simply too shocking! If it hit the headlines, it would definitely cause an uproar.

This news was an even better selling point than that of Lin Xis.

They could not miss this news at all, especially now when many of the noble families in the capital had long been unhappy with how the An family had been wielding all the power and influence in their hands. Now was the time to beat down on the An family.

Hence, when this news was first reported, everyone in the capital was shocked.

Young Master An used to be the best representative for devotion, but it turned out to be all fake. He actually slept with women a long time ago

The moment the news came out, An Yexuans reputation immediately suffered a great blow. Everyone remembered how An Yexuan once sent someone to cause a ruckus at the wedding in Ning An City previously, not to mention that that person even spoke boldly of how he represented the capital. He had behaved in a domineering manner to make it appear that he was