Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 A Talk Between Father And Son

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Hearing his fathers words, An Yexuan thought for a while before his heart leaped. Could it be that his father wanted to rescind his authority?

The moment he thought of that, An Yexuan panicked. To any of them, once they rescinded their powers from the appointed heir, their status would become like that of an abandoned child. They would have no status left in the family at all.

However, as he was the biological son of the master of the family, his status was still secure. No one would dare to mistreat him openly. However, if his father was gone, that would be a different matter.

Furthermore, without real, solid power, how would he be able to protect the person he loved and look for her?

No Even if he was not greedy for power, he could not lose his authority now. He did not need to be the heir to the An family in the future. He could live a simple and peaceful life with the person he loved then.

However, that was not now. Now was still not the time.

An Yexuan grabbed his fathers hand and said, Dad, hear me out. This is also their ploy. Do you have to do this now to calm the public just because the An family is thrown into the center of public fury? Dad, this will only make our hidden enemies gloat. If you do this, you will be playing right into their hands.

Seeing how there was a change in his fathers expression, An Yexuan continued to persuade him and say, Our An family cannot be led by the nose by others. The An family cannot be beaten down just like that. We can only face the trouble head-on. So what if were the center of public fury now? This will all pass one day. However, the internal affairs of the An family cannot be a mess

Hearing how his son was analyzing everything impeccably, the expression on the master of the An familys face relaxed quite a bit. He was still very satisfied with this son of his, but

He sighed. He did not know whether his devotion was a good or bad thing.

He still had to consider the situation for the An family, or else the second and third families of the An family would not take it lying down. Seeing how the storm of public discussion raged even more furiously as it progressed, he felt that it was still necessary to calm the public first.

Yexuan, you have been outside for all these years and rarely come home. As your father, I havent been able to see your capability and hard work. Dont disappoint me now!

Hearing these words from his father, An Yexuan felt a little cold yet guilty at the same time. Ever since he graduated, he had been busy trying to find Chu Feier and really did not spend much time coming home. He did not do much for his family during this period too. He did feel guilty, but he never thought that his father would be disappointed in him and think of rescinding his authority as the next heir.

Perhaps it was because of his fathers power that he could be so reckless.

One had to admit that after An Yexuan fell in love with Chu Feier for such a long time, he was no longer the handsome, radiant boy he was when he first went into university. Instead, he had become obstinate and self-opinionated. He even emanated a conceited aura around him.

Dad, please trust me.

Yexuan, Dad has trusted you time and again. However, you kept staying away from home after your graduation. Arent you worried about your fathers health? Arent you worried about this family?

Dad, I think youre still young. Youre the strongest in my heart.

Yexuan, do you know what your flaw is?

An Yexuan did not understand. Why did his father suddenly say this?

The master of the An family shook his head and sighed. Actually, I regret sending you to Ning An City to attend university. How did my once outstanding son turn into this state?

He still remembered that his son was still very good when he was in his first year, up until the middle of his second year in university. He was good-mannered as well and handled everything and everyone nicely. He did not know whether it was because he had fallen in love, but he changed completely after that. If he did not recognize his own son, he would actually think that this person was an impostor.

As for the woman that his son liked, that Chu Feier or whatever her name was, even if she was not dead, he would not allow such a woman with an abnormal mindset to step into the An family.