Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 An Yexuans Authority Revoked

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The master of the An family clearly saw for himself how his son had changed over the past few years. He had changed from the generous, bright young man into someone who was dark and cold.

Hence, the master of the An family hated that person called Chu Feier. If she was not dead, he would feel the urge to kill her too.

However, since she was already gone, he could not be bothered with all these either.

He only hoped that his son would not stray even further.

Hearing his fathers words of regret, An Yexuans face changed as he said, Dad, I dont feel like I did anything wrong.

The master of the An family felt a little resentful that his son was still unrepentant. You still dont see your flaws. You only know how to judge based on what you see now, and you no longer use your heart to feel. Also, its as if you lost your heart altogether. Dont you know that?

An Yexuan did not understand why his father would say these things. Dad, I

Touch your heart and ask yourself. When did you ever use your heart to look at other people? You only know how to see with your eyes. You think that your fathers health is good, so you can be totally irresponsible. You think that Chu Feier is good, so you think that all other women are bad and evil. Dont think I dont know about the things you did in Ning An City.

An Yexuan knitted his brows tightly. He did understand and could not comprehend why his own father would say that. He did not feel that he did anything wrong.

Perhaps An Yexuan did not understand now. However, when he really came to his senses one day and wanted to turn back, his life would have become meaningless already.

Dad, you were the one who taught me to be loyal and devoted. I dont think I did anything wrong.

The master of the An family was boiling with rage as he said, Very well. Youre still so conceited. You dont want to listen to others at all and dont even take me as your father now? Go and kneel in the ancestral hall for one whole day and night. Transfer all the things you oversee now to your younger brother.

Dad, my younger brother is only in his first year of university.

Hes better than you even if hes only in his first year. Hes attending university in the capital, so he might as well take over all these things.

The rest of the people in the An family will not agree to it.

Are you questioning your fathers decision now? Are you also thinking of killing me now?

No, I wont dare to!

Hmph. Go and repent! The master of the An family was fuming with rage now and quickly left. He was afraid that if he stayed here any longer, he would be sick from anger by this son of his.

After today, a new wave of news hit the media in the capital. It was that the appointed heir to the An family, An Yexuan, had his authority revoked by his father. It could be seen as his way of accounting to the public, and to try and appease the public anger.

However, An Yexuans image had already gone down the drain in the eyes of the public. Some century-old noble families originally wanted to marry their daughters into the An family. However, they had to reconsider this decision wisely. Furthermore, his reputation and influence in the An family were very limited now.

All in all, An Yexuan suffered quite a huge blow this time.

As for Ding Wener, she already disappeared before An Yexuan could make a move on her.

In Gui County

When Yun Bixue arrived in Gui County, it was already in the afternoon. She stared at the peaceful county and could not see any trace of piled up snow.

She asked the locals there based on the map she remembered in her mind, walking as she asked around.

An auntie saw the sad and desolate look in Yun Bixues eyes and could not help but say, Miss, are you looking for someone? You cant keep searching like this. If you continue heading there, you will reach the villages that have been covered by snow. Theyre all deep in the mountainous areas. The paths there are not easy to walk either. It will be very dangerous.

Yun Bixue smiled and said, Auntie, I want to find my husband. Im not afraid of any dangers as long as I can find him.