Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Rolling Down The Mountain

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The Minister of State Affairs? Wasnt the Uncle referring to her husband, Mr. Xie? Yun Bixue instantly felt her heart swell with pride. She was proud yet worried for him at the same time.

As they had dogs to lead the way, it saved them a lot of trouble. However, the roads were not easy to walk on either. Yun Bixue slipped and fell quite a few times along the way.

The uncle remarked as he watched her, Miss, to tell the truth, it is very dangerous for you to venture into the mountains alone. Look, weve only walked for how long and you almost dropped down. However, even an old man like me has to admire your spirit. Its good to be so devoted to your other half.

The uncle sighed as he continued, Some people can say really nice things. All those pledges of eternal love are very touching, but when real trouble happens, people will still care for themselves first. Youve met Auntie Liu too. Her daughter could be so devoted and insistent on staying by her husbands side. However, my youngest son and daughter-in-law were on that same boat too. When the tsunami happened, my daughter-in-law floated on a drifting log and survived, but my son was gone. My daughter-in-law remarried after she returned. It was only afterwards when I heard from Guihuas son-in-law that it was my youngest son who gave up the chance to live for my daughter-in-law. My daughter-in-law even felt that he was obligated to do that for her. Foolish, isnt it? If I didnt have another daughter still I wouldnt have wanted to live anymore.

Yun Bixue felt sad for him as she listened. She treaded on carefully as she said, Uncle, dont be sad.

So many years have passed since then. Im no longer sad now. If not for your persistence and sincerity for that husband of yours, your Uncle, I, would not have been willing to make this trip at all.

Uncle, if we met with danger, I would rather he live on. This was Yun Bixues most honest thought. She felt that the one who was left alone in this world would be the one who would hurt the most.

Miss, I believe your words!

When they reached a hillside, the uncle and Yun Bixue sat on a sleigh and slid downwards.

The snow flew up and whipped their faces as they slid downwards. It was very cooling and it made Yun Bixue even more awake. Her heart began to feel even more anxious as well.

They searched on and on like this, with the dogs leading the way. Yun Bixue found many remains of tattered clothes and bloodstains. She almost fainted from seeing these things. She stretched out her trembling hands as she went to take a closer look. She even dug at the ground madly, breaking her nails as a result. Her hands were almost numb from doing this repeatedly.

She would only sigh in relief when she confirmed that it was not Xie Limo. She felt as if she had been through a test of life or death during this brief period of searching.

The uncle kept on persuading Yun Bixue as he said, Miss, dont be so agitated. You must think logically. Use the shovel.

Yun Bixue choked on her sobs as she said, Uncle, I cant think logically now. I will feel scared once I think it might be him. Yun Bixue sniffled and sat down on the ground as her mind went blank.

This place is where the villages had been buried in snow. These things and bloodstains could possibly be left behind from the rescue mission. It could be possible that your husband stayed here before, thats why the dogs could smell his scent.

Hes alright, hes alright.

They searched through villages after villages just like this. Yun Bixue did not know how many hills she combed through or how far she walked. She did not even feel tired when the sky turned dark.

However, no matter how much she tried to put up a strong front, her face still looked really exhausted. She felt weaker and weaker as she walked, but she never once stopped.

The uncle sighed and said, Miss, its rare for young people to be as physically fit as you. An old man like me has been through this place at least a hundred times, but I cant even compare to you.

Uncle, Im looking for life, so I wont be tired.

The uncle was positively influenced by Yun Bixues energy and spirit, so he perked up as well and continued accompanying her. They would sit on the sleighs pulled by the dogs whenever they were on flat ground. When they were on uneven roads, they would walk.

In the afternoon the next day, Yun Bixue finally lost strength in her limbs and rolled down from the hills, which shocked the uncle.