Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 Young Madams Whereabouts

Chapter 1198: Young Madams Whereabouts
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Xie Limo knew that activating the secret security system would expose the power and influence of the Xie clan in the capital. However, he could not be bothered with all these now.

He never thought that he would feel so estranged after coming back from Gui County. He even felt like he had lost his wife.

Xie Limo shut his eyes and muttered in his heart. Xue, Xue, where exactly are you?

He felt an urge to go crazy if he could not find her.

Xie Limo punched his fist against the door frame. Since he returned in a rush, the exhaustion on his face became even more obvious. However, he still remained standing, waiting for news of Yun Bixue to come.

This was the first time he mobilized his secret security system to check on Yun Bixues whereabouts.

The expectant feeling he originally harbored when returning home was all gone now. What was he looking forward to? The only thing he looked forward to was seeing the person he missed the most!

If it was cold and empty here, without anyone around, there was no point in him coming back.

No one in the capital knew he was back.

Xie Limo did not eat for the whole day as well. He was starving, but no matter how hungry he was, he did not have any appetite to eat at all.

He was even thinking if Bixue had been struggling so much during this period when he was not at home and she could not contact him at all.

Xie Limo shook his head and walked to the balcony. He simply stood there and stared into the distance.

He stood there like a statue. He was simply waiting, waiting for the secret guards to find out the information for him.

While he was on the way home, he had thought about it. He thought that he had to hug her when he came back. He had to hug her tightly and tell her how much he missed her.

He also had to tell her that he had let her down for not being by her side during this period.

However, the trip to Gui County this time was also to secure his position in the capital faster, so he could bring her back to the headquarters sooner.

He knew that she did not like the capital. Moreover, staying in this condo that was not their own house was a big change for her.

She kept an extremely low-profile whenever she went out for his sake as well. He knew that she did not have freedom.

The more he thought about it, the more Xie Limo felt like he owed his wife.

He let out a small sigh as he said, Xue, come back home! It was as if he said it to the wind, as if he was saying it to himself at the same time.

When the sky turned dark, a man in plain clothes walked in and said, Young Master Xie!

When Xie Limo saw this persons silhouette, a glimmer of light shone in his exquisite eyes. Youre here.

The man handed the information respectfully with both hands over to Xie Limo and said, This is the information you requested, Young Master Xie.

Xie Limo could not wait and immediately asked, Do you know where she went?

Young Madam boarded a flight to Gui County two days ago. Gui County belongs to the territory of the Southern Wang, so our men were unable to check on the details over there. We do not know exactly where she is now.

They were the secret guards Young Master Xie assigned to the capital and were in charge of gathering intelligence here. It was not possible for them to gather intelligence in Gui County within such a short period of time.

Xie Limo knew this much as well. Why did she go to Gui County? Although he muttered this to himself, Xie Limo knew deep down that she must have gone there to find him.

A wave of self-reproach and guilt swelled in his heart. Two days ago, he was still unconscious. It was such a bad timing indeed.

Xie Limo felt the urge to rush to Gui County to find her. However, his rationality told him that he should not do certain things rashly.

Young Master Xie, you should read the information first before you make your decision. I will continue to find information on Young Madam. I will report to Young Master Xie as soon as I can!

Okay. You must definitely find some news about her and make sure she is safe. If shes in danger, report it to me immediately and do whatever you can to save her. If its an emergency, prioritize Young Madams safety first. Do what you think is best before reporting to me in that case!