Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199 Young Master Xies Pain And Self Reproach

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Xie Limos instructions were very strict and solemn.

The man replied respectfully, Yes! He knew how important Young Madam was, or else, Young Master would not have mobilized them.

After that person left, Xie Limo turned on the lights and sat on a chair at the balcony. He started to read through the information. When he flipped through page after page, his expression changed as well.

The expression on his face was very serious. He looked at the information very carefully, which made his heart ache as well. Seeing how worried she was for him in the capital, the sight of her alone and how she did not eat her meals regularly made his heart ache unbearably.

How could he bear to let her suffer so much when he was by her side?

However, when he saw that Yun Bixues grandfather had died, he could not hold it in anymore. He stood up immediately as his eyes widened in alarm. His breathing became sharper and more rapid as well.

This How could this be? How could Grandfather be gone?

He had arranged for several layers of bodyguards and security guards in the manor. He would even check on them every month. Even when Old Master Yun went out, he would also let many secret guards follow him.

However, the information actually stated

Xie Limo almost lost his grip on the document. He felt as if it was heavy and scalding his hand.

When he continued reading on, he almost could not take it. His wife had suffered so much. When she had been in so much pain and grief, he was actually not by her side!

He had left her to deal with this and shoulder all this alone.

Xie Limo only felt as though his breathing was filled with pain and self-reproach. He could only clutch his chest and try to calm the waves of pain that were crashing against his heart.

Waves of darkness coursed through his eyes as a look of grief crossed his face.

Xie Limo coughed several times. He almost could not keep his grip on the papers as he coughed. He had yet to fully recover from the injuries he suffered in Gui County. Once he was agitated in this manner, his old wounds easily acted up.

Xie Limo tried his best to calm his emotions. He could not wait anymore.

Nothing could compare to his wife. His wife was his priority before all his career and plans.

She had suffered so much. He thought that he could protect her well, yet he let her suffer even more when he let her come along with him.

It was his fault for failing to protect her, for failing to protect her family. He had too many responsibilities he could not shirk away from.

He thought that if he did not do anything now and did not see Yun Bixue, he might really do something crazy.

The An family, Xu family, and Chu Feier Even if Yun Bixue did not deal with them, he would never let them off.

Xie Limo could not bear to finish reading the rest of the information. He let someone find Wang Qianjins number and immediately called him.

Meanwhile, Wang Qianjin was looking at Yun Bixue in the ward. Yun Bixue, I saved you so many times after all. Is this how coldly you treat your savior?

Yun Bixue was still in a daze. She looked up at Wang Qianjin and said, Thank you for saving me. I cannot deny it, but I cannot force myself to smile either. I cant treat you in a fake manner, right?

She only had one thought in her mind nowto treat her leg and recuperate her wounds. She wanted to return to the capital to meet her husband.

She missed him too much.

Wang Qianjin sat on a chair and raised his legs up. He narrowed his eyes as he said, Yun Bixue, how can you disregard your own life for him? Is your love for him that deep? You guys have only been together for a year, right?

Seeing the puzzled look on Wang Qianjins face, Yun Bixue said, You will never understand!

Other people would not understand her relationship with Xie Limo. When she felt that all hope was lost, he gave her warmth and a family. He even nurtured her broken heart with his consideration and gentleness.