Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Overwhelming News

Soon after the first headlines were published, a second one spread through the entirety of Ning An City. This time, it was even more outrageous. A picture decorated the cover pages of newspapers and the internetit was Yun Bixue.

The shock was as though a landmine had exploded. Wasn't that Miss Yun Bixue from the bankrupt Yun family?

That woman was exiting Young Master Xie's room in the picture, everyone could recognize that it was Yun Bixue. It couldn't be wrong.

In the office sitting by the roadside of the hotel, everyone was debating heatedly. "I didn't expect Yun Bixue to be someone like this. She actually went to the length of seducing Young Master Xie."

"I knew she was a discontented and impatient person. On the surface, she appears to be of dignified lady but instead she is even worse than **. She is rotten to the core."

"Perhaps she has her own difficulties."

"Bah! What difficulties? It was undeniably to hook up with Young Master Xie. She possesses some charms but she does not realize how extreme her acts are. She does not even recognize Young Master Xie's caliber."


"Young Master Xie looked modest and had been clean from trouble. In reality, he was just not attracted to ladies but was instead enticed by affluent socialites. Good taste..."

"Good taste but ultimately it still boiled down to beauty. Men are all the same deep within..."

"He had proclaimed to work on developing our Ning An City, but I think he should now be replaced. Why should we allow him to single-handedly seize the title of the leading boss of Ning An City!"


As the news circulated rapidly, Yun Bixue was brainstorming on solutions and jumped at an unexpected phone call. "Bixue, you b*tch. I left for a while, and you created such a huge mess. You piss me off. Wait there! I will fly back immediately to deal with these gossiping mongers..."

Bai Yaoyao cursed angrily over the phone, but Yun Bixue was rather perplexed. "What happened? You should not return, it will implicate you."

Bai Yaoyao had been her best friend since childhood. They attended school together, grew up together and had a close-knit friendship. If it weren't for her last relationship issues, Bai Yaoyao wouldn't have left her hometown.

"Miss, are you slow-witted? Have you not been reading the Ning An City newspaper? You should take a look at the current mess. This won't do, I must hurry and purchase my flight ticket back." With that, Bai Yaoyao ended the call swiftly.

It was only now that Yun Bixue went to an online news site. Reading the headlines, she froze and turned pale. These people had gone too far. Just like Young Master Xie had saidthe meeker one was, the fewer the routes for retreats.

The corner of her lips curved and Yun Bixue shut her eyes tightly. As she opened them again, her gaze was resolute.

Just after Yun Bixue left, Xie Shi entered Xie Limo's house. "Young Master Xie, Madam has already caught wind of the news of you employing the capacities of Country A for a woman."

Xie Limo rubbed between his brows. He didn't know what to do about his mother, but the thought of her thawed his cold expressions.

"Young Master Xie, Madam is very concerned about you." Xie Shi stood ceremoniously beside Xie Limo, as if his respect for the latter emitted from his core.

Xie Limo gently tapped his slender fingers on the table. "We have not meddled with Country A's affairs for many years, and it seems like they have forgotten who calls the shots." His voice was indifferent and low, but piercingly cold.

Right at this moment, Xie Limo received a call from his mother. "Dear Mother."

"Limo, if it weren't for today's events, your Mother wouldn't even have figured out where you went. You have become increasingly capable since you have been able to conceal your authority well regardless of your location. Sigh, it has been so many years, and I have been awaiting your return." On the other end of the conversation, the voice of the woman was soft and familiar.