Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 Young Master Xie And Young Master Wang Working Together?

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No one would know how important Xie Limo was to her. His importance was more than that of her own life.

She had always known that she would not have been the person she was today without Xie Limo. She would not have experienced so much happiness in the past year either.

This one year of pulling through crises together, staying by each others side, trusting each other, and never leaving each other was filled with happiness, no matter how peaceful or troublesome things were.

It was because you would not feel lonely in this world. You would feel that no matter what, there would always be someone by your side who would not abandon you.

Although there were many dangers this year, they never let go of each other in spite of all them. Instead, they held each others hands and forged forward

Such a love could not be understood by just anyone, and she could not explain it either.

Love was a kind of feeling, not something that could be easily described with words.

Wang Qianjin was still waiting for Yun Bixue to continue, but he saw the gentleness in her eyes at that moment, as if she had slipped into some sweet memory.

The corners of Wang Qianjins mouth twitched. He knew that all of Yun Bixues smiles were only for one person!

As much as he did not want to admit it, he had to say that this womans heart was only with that person. It was impossible to win her heart over.

Even when Yun Bixue was hospitalized, she was still considering all things for her Xie Limo.

Just as Wang Qianjin fell silent, his phone rang.

Wang Qianjin glanced at his phone and saw that it was an unknown number. He leisurely answered the call and said, Hello?

Wang Qianjin, its me, Xie Limo!

The lazy look in Wang Qianjins eyes instantly changed. A strange glint flashed across his eyes as he put down his crossed legs.

He glanced at Yun Bixue and saw that Yun Bixue was still immersed in her own thoughts. She probably did not know that the person on the other end of his call was her husband, whom she had been pining for.

Wang Qianjin smiled seductively as he put one hand in his pocket and walked outside.

When he walked onto the corridor, he finally replied, Xie Limo, its been a long while. Why did you take the initiative to call me?

He could already guess the reason why Xie Limo called him. It was definitely because of Yun Bixue.

He narrowed his eyes as he thought about it. Should he seize this chance to gain some advantages from him?

Xie Limo said very sternly, Wang Qianjin, I want to work with you once.

Xie Limo, given your capabilities, you still want to work with me? I didnt hear wrongly, right?

Wang Qianjin, an honest man does not resort to insinuations. Since I called you, you must have guessed my motives already. My wife is in Gui County now, and that place belongs to your Southern territory. I want to use your influence to locate my wife. You can state any conditions you want.

Not only did Wang Qianjin not feel happy when he heard Xie Limos words, he actually felt enraged. Oh? Xie Limo, do you think I have to help just because you asked?

The only reason why you wont help is because you dont have enough bargaining chips. Once you do, you will know whats most important. After all, you are a smart person.

Ha, Xie Limo, what if the condition is for you to let go of your wife?

Xie Limos eyes instantly sharpened and became as cold as ice. He replied resolutely, Thats impossible!

Then theres nothing to discuss!

Wang Qianjin, since you dont want to work together, I can only extend the influence of the Xie clan to the South. I am sure you know what Im capable of!

A dangerous glint flashed across Wang Qianjins eyes as well. Xie Limo, you really want to break the impasse now because of her? Arent you afraid that the Xie clan will be destroyed?

Xie Limo said confidently, I believe you dont have that capability to destroy the Xie clan yet. Ill give you five minutes to think about it.