Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 Lin Qiushui

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Wang Qianjin almost cursed at Xie Limo when he heard his domineering words. He was obviously the one pleading, yet he still spoke in such an imperious tone as if he called the shots.

It really made him unable to agree, yet unable to reject him at the same time.

Xie Limo, youre still the same as last time. Youre really annoying.

Xie Limo said calmly and coldly, I didnt intend for you to like me either.

The two of them bickered and squabbled with each other over the phone.

Wang Qianjin, you still have one minute to consider.

Wang Qianjin almost smashed his phone to the ground. He was being so domineering and yet he still had to listen to him. Very well, Xie Limo. You want to work with me, but arent you scared that Ill kill your wife when I find her?

Although Xie Limos heart clenched with worry, his tone remained calm and confident as he said, You wont!

Wang Qianjin felt as if he had been defeated. He really could not gain the upper hand when talking to this person. Xie Limo could figure out a persons character very accurately. Alright. I will work with you, but I havent thought of what I want.

Wang Qianjin, you should know that the time you have to make your demands will cease once it has passed, even if you havent thought of it.

Wang Qianjin sucked in his breath. If Xie Limo was here right now, he would definitely fight him one on one. He really could not understand why Yun Bixue was so devoted to a man like this.

Wang Qianjin would never know that Xie Limo had always been cold and distant with outsiders and only showed his gentleness in front of Yun Bixue.

Since both of them were opposing forces, he would definitely not receive any gentleness from Xie Limo.

Meanwhile, Yun Bixue was sitting up on her bed and watching her IV drip dripping down drop by drop, as if looking at it could kill time.

She had to undergo surgery for her leg the next morning. However, she did not feel perturbed at allher heart had already flown back to the capital. She only hoped that she could recover as soon as possible.

At that moment, the door opened, and a nurse wearing a long, white gown walked in. She asked gently, Miss Yun, are you feeling better now? Xiao Li took leave today, so Im checking the rooms in her place.

Once the nurse finished talking, Yun Bixue stared at her in a daze, almost without blinking her eyes.

Miss Yun? When the lady walked up to her and saw her clearly, she was a little stunned as well. You You are

Yun Bixues heart started racing. This lady in front of her looked similar to Xie Limos younger sister in that photo. They really looked alike.

She even thought it was an illusion when she first saw the lady before her.

Lin Qiushui quickly regained her composure as she said, I know you, Miss Yun. You are Mr. Xies wife right?

Yun Bixues eyes flickered as she asked, You know him? As she said that, her brows knitted together, as if in deep thought.

Lin Qiushui walked over to Yun Bixues bedside and checked her IV drip. After adjusting the drop rate and pulling the blanket over her, she sat down beside her.

Actually, the very first time I met him was at a roadside in Ning An City. I was stunned by his handsome looks at first. In all honesty, its impossible not to like a man like him. However, when he saw me, he was very shocked too, just like you. Even so, he turned to walk away, but I pulled some tricks and asked him to help me start my car. In the end, he did not bother with me and only asked his subordinate to come and help me.

Yun Bixues heart started to twist as her expression hardened.

Seeing the unhappy look on Yun Bixues face, Lin Qiushui took her hand that was not inserted with the IV drip and said, I am Lin Qiushui, one of the nurses here. I dont have any other intentions in saying this. I just want to tell you briefly about how I know you. Listen to me first, I really dont mean any harm.