Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 Young Master Xies Devotion

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Yun Bixue stared at the lady before her. Since she looked very similar to Xie Limos sister, she felt a sense of familiarity with her as well. There was nothing about her that she disliked.

She also wanted to listen to what Lin Qiushui had to say, because she wanted to understand her husband, Mr. Xie, better.

She believed in her husband. She did not expect him to really keep a distance with women while he was not with her. It made her feel touched and warm at the same time.

She knew he had been great all along and did well too. However, hearing it from someone else felt totally different.

Yun Bixue gave a small smile as she said, Its fine, you dont have to rush either. Ill listen to you slowly.

Lin Qiushui smiled and said, No wonder he loves you so much and cares so much about you. Turns out youre pretty nice too.

Yun Bixues eyes softened immediately, You only spoke a few words to me, and you think Im nice?

Its not like that. Its just that you give off a warm feeling. You dont believe me? If I tell someone else some things about her husband, I will definitely be kicked out first.

Yun Bixue sputtered out a laugh as she said, Oh really?

I feel that the two of you really make ones heart ache. You still dont know what happened to him, right? When he entered the mountains to direct the rescue teams, he got injured and fell unconscious. I was the one who rescued him and brought him home. He kept calling out Xue in his sleep. I thought it was his lover. It was only after he came to that I found out that he was calling his wife. He kept staring at your photo ever since he came to. I saw that photo and realized it was a picture of you and him. I asked him who that was, and he said that was his wife.

Hearing Lin Qiushui say that, Yun Bixues heart clenched in pain. Her husband had been injured and was unconscious for a while, yet she was not by his side.

His wounds are quite serious. Although I selfishly wanted him to stay at my home and asked him to marry me since I saved him, do you know what he said to me?

Lin Qiushui looked at Yun Bixue, as if waiting for her to guess and wanting to see her reaction.

Yun Bixues smile faded a little. I think he must have rejected you.

Thats right. He said he has a wife. Even if I wanted his life, even if I saved him, he would not betray his wife. He said that if Im not willing to let him go, I can take his life. I am a nurse, so saving people is my duty. How could I take his life? However, it was also then that I completely gave up on him. I feel that he is not someone I should desire.

Yun Bixue caressed Lin Qiushuis long hair and said, You are a good lady. Thank you for being honest with me.

Lin Qiushui shook her head. Actually, women cannot resist the temptations of good looks. Your husband, Mr. Xie, is such a good man. Its normal that I would like him. Most importantly, hes devoted to you. His devotion to you can really move people. Since Ive met you, I will surely tell you this, so that you will cherish him well. If not, many other women will like him and try to snatch him away.


Lin Qiushui continued, His injuries are severe as well. I sent him to the hospital afterwards. Many nurses even wanted to express their love for him. Once his injuries recovered, and he could get off and walk on the floor, he did not listen to anyones advice and returned to the capital. Thats basically what happened.

When she heard up to this point, Yun Bixues heart could no longer calm down. She really, really felt like going back to the capital to find him. Can I transfer to a hospital in the capital?

Of course you can, but it would be best if you can undergo surgery first. Your leg is fractured, so its not easy for you to move around.


Right at this moment, a few people holding cameras and microphones walked in. Hello, are you Miss Yun Bixue? We are the Evening News reporters from Gui Countys media. We heard of your unyielding dedication to your husband and wanted to hold an interview with you.