Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 He Was Always Here

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Yun Bixue smiled and said, Okay. She liked people with a straightforward personality who said whatever was on their mind. Ladies like her were true to themselves.

After chatting for a while with Lin Qiushui, Yun Bixue felt tired and a little weak. She rested against the pillow and fell asleep soon after.

In her sleep, she had a very sweet dream. She dreamed of her husband, and both of them were still in Ning An City. It was snowing. He hugged her and covered her with a blanket and even talked to her in a gentle tone, saying that he would never leave her again.

It was snowing outside, but the house was very warm. Grandfather and Aunt Zhou were there as well. Her younger sister, Yaoyao, and everyone else were all together. Laughter and happiness filled the air.

She felt really happy when she saw a scene like this. Even while she was sleeping, the corners of her lips were also curved into a smile.

She could smell the familiar scent of her husband. It was really nice really beautiful. She did not want to wake up.

However, as she smiled and smiled, she saw the car remains of the explosion on the bridge. She could not see her grandfather anymore and her husband, Limo

She did not know where he went either. She went around looking for him, but she saw no trace of him. She missed him so much, so much that her heart was hurting.

Limo, Limo Where are you? Yun Bixue panicked in her sleep.

Ever since Xie Limo knew where Yun Bixue was, he immediately rushed to the hospital where she was confined. When he arrived, she had already fallen asleep.

Hence, he sat by the bedside and kept watching her, waiting for her to wake up. He held her hand as a teardrop rolled down his cheek unknowingly.

His wife, the person he loved the most How did she tire herself out like this while he was not by her side?

Didnt she know that he would be heartbroken to see her like this?

Xie Limo held on to Yun Bixues hand tightly. He placed her hand against his cheek as he stared at her deeply. Seeing her small and frail face, the heartache he felt became even more unbearable. He felt his breathing become gentle involuntarily, afraid that he would disrupt her sleep.

Xie Limo kept watching. He did not dare to leave either. He was afraid that if he left, she would disappear from his sight. He was really afraid that he would not be able to find her.

He had seen the news as well. This fool, how could she be so foolish!

He felt that he should chide her a little. However, when he really saw her in person, he could not bear to say a harsh word. Those words would melt once it reached his mouth, and he was afraid that she would break while he was holding her hand. These feelings were like that of a parent to his child, but now he had developed such gentle and delicate feelings towards his wife.

It really broke his heart.

Xue, dont you know that my heart is hurting?

Just as Xie Limo whispered to himself, he could feel Yun Bixues uneasiness in her sleep. Her lips moved slightly, as though she was saying something.

Xie Limo got up and wanted to get closer to hear what she was saying. However, he had been sitting for too long without moving, so the moment he stood up, his legs turned numb.

He pinched his legs with his hand before leaning forward to listen carefully. He then heard Yun Bixue mutter, Limo, Limo Youre back

Xie Limos heart clenched immediately. He lowered his head and whispered into her ear, Xue, Im here, Im here. I have always been by your side. I will never leave again. We will be together, always

As if Yun Bixue felt a telepathic connection to him, she gradually calmed down in her dreams and continued sleeping peacefully.

When she woke up and saw the silhouette of the person beside her, she blinked once before blinking again. She then sighed to herself and said, Im imagining things again.

She did not know that the words she muttered knocked right into Xie Limos heart in that instant, making his heart clench in pain and bitterness.

He clutched Yun Bixues hand tightly and said in a hoarse voice, Xue, its me. This is not an illusion.