Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Reunion

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Yun Bixue had just woken up and was not fully awake yet. She muttered, Its really not an illusion?

As she said that, Yun Bixue started to struggle. She missed him too much, but because of that, she did not dare to believe and did not dare to confirm it either.

She wanted to touch him, but she was afraid that he would disappear and fade away once she did.

Seeing how careful Yun Bixue was being, Xie Limos eyes began to sting and tear up. His heart was flooded with self-reproach.

Xie Limo stood up and supported Yun Bixue to sit upright. He bent forward and leaned against her as he said in a tender voice, Xue, its me. Its really me. Look, you can touch me and feel me. Am I real?

As Xie Limo said that, he pulled Yun Bixues hand and let her touch his face.

Yun Bixue knew that it was too real. It was really him. However, her Limo was the most gorgeous man on earth, and the man in front of her now looked so haggard. There was a stubble forming on his face as well. He looked so tired and worn out, yet he was still so handsome that it made her heart shudder.

His eyes were bloodshot, and they had dark circles under them.

The state he was in now made her heart ache.

Yun Bixues mind went blank for a moment. She only registered the sight of him in her head, as though he was swaying in the light. She did not dare to blink as she stared at him.

When she felt the warmth of his face, Yun Bixues tears started falling drop by drop.

Xie Limo panicked when he saw Yun Bixue cry. He immediately reached out his slender fingers and wiped her tears away. Xue, dont cry. Whats wrong? Are you feeling unwell somewhere? Or are you in pain? Tell me, please?

Seeing how anxious and worried Xie Limo was, Yun Bixue slowly reached out her hand and said, Limo, its you, right? Come closer.

Xie Limo leaned in closer to Yun Bixue. She hugged him at once and leaned into his embrace, hiding her tears from him.

She did not say anything and simply hugged like this. She hugged him tightly, breathing in the scent that was uniquely his. She knew that this was real.

All her longing was encapsulated in this embrace. Her tears could no longer be held back as they flowed out like a river gushing out from a dam.

Yun Bixue was now sobbing uncontrollably. She could only lean into his embrace and hide her frailness at this moment.

This felt really nice. She could finally hug him in person. He was alright and by her side as well.

The moment Yun Bixue hugged him, Xie Limos body stiffened up. However, he immediately tried his best to let loose and relax, worried that she might feel uncomfortable hugging him.

He reached out both hands and hugged her tightly as well. He tightened his arms and patted her back gently, as though he was comforting a child.

Xue, Im right here by your side. Im back. Im sorry, I let you suffer.

He really did not expect that so many things would change after he went to Gui County. He also never thought that he would let her suffer so much pain while he was not around. Grandfather was also gone.

Xie Limo shut his eyes as his heart twisted in pain.

Yun Bixues tears drenched his shirt, moistening the skin on his chest while scalding his heart painfully. It was as if a knife had cut right through him. He hated that he could not bear all the suffering for her and hated that he could not do everything he could to stop her from crying.

He had once told her that he would not let her cry anymore. However, he went back on his words. He was not a good husband. He did not protect his Xue well enough.

This time, he had thought too simply of things and did not take everything into consideration.

Yun Bixue could feel Xie Limos gentleness and protection in his embrace. She asked in a low voice, Limo, do you know how much I missed you?

A glimmer of tender affection flashed across Xie Limos exquisite eyes. Im sorry, Xue. I really, really missed you too.

She was the most important person in his heart. During the rescue mission, despite the countless dangers he had been in, his mind had always been filled with her. He told himself that he must stay safe so that he could go back to find her.