Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 Tears Of Joy

Chapter 1206: Tears of Joy
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Yun Bixue leaned into this warm embrace. She could finally let go of all her weariness and take back the uneasiness she felt.

The hardships she suffered during this period finally disappeared quite a bit. Only this hug could give her warmth and energy.

She clung onto it. She could not bear to let go no matter what.

Xie Limo hugged her and realized how much he missed her, how much pain he felt, and how much he loved her.

He hugged her just like this. Even if he had to hug her until the end of time, he would be willing to as well.

He caressed Yun Bixues hair and said in a tender voice, Xue, Im sorry. Do you blame me?

I dont blame you. As long as youre fine, thats all that matters.

The more Yun Bixue said it like this, the more it made Xie Limo feel bad. He would rather that she blame him and scold him a little.

Xie Limo kissed Yun Bixues hair and said, Xue, although you dont blame me, I blame myself. I wasnt there with you when you needed me the most and even caused you to worry and fear for me.

Hearing Xie Limos words, Yun Bixue immediately held her tears back. She should not have to let him worry. She sat up from his embrace and wiped her tears forcefully with her hands. Limo, Im fine. I just feel really happy to see you. These are tears of joy.

Although Yun Bixue seemed to be in a better condition, her weak and pale complexion, along with those red and puffy eyes, revealed that she was not in a good state at all.

Xie Limo did not expose her either. He simply caressed her head and stared at her with his alluring, exquisite eyes. He could not take his eyes off her no matter how much he looked, as though he wanted to keep a piece of her in his heart.

Under Xie Limos gaze, Yun Bixues cheeks reddened slightly. Am I ugly now?

No, my Xue is the most beautiful.

Yun Bixues eyes were a little dazed yet beautiful at the same time. She looked carefully at Xie Limo this time with shock and surprise in her eyes.

She stretched out both hands and caressed his cheeks carefully, using her palms to feel the stubbles along his face. It felt so real.

Yun Bixue smiled as she caressed him. She ended up crying and laughing as she said, Limo, I finally found you. Its great that I found you.

After a moments pause, she added, I think youre the most handsome and coolest as well. Youre the best in my heart.

Indeed, no one could compare to him. Even if he did not have a neat appearance now, she would still feel that he looked exceptionally handsome.

When she was searching amidst the mountain villages that were buried in snow, she had looked forward to finding him, but she was met with disappointment again and again. She almost lost all hope then. Back then, she really felt like dying with him there and then.

Once she recalled that hopeless feeling, tears started streaming down her face again.

She propped Xie Limos face in her hands as she leaned over to kiss his lips.

Xie Limo hugged her gently and returned the kiss. This was a kiss filled with the gentleness of rain in spring. It did not have any trace of passion or desire in it. Instead, it was full of comfort, tenderness, and heartbreak.

As they kissed, Yun Bixue bit on his lips softly.

Xie Limo sucked in his breath sharply, but his gaze was still filled with indulgence. Wild little kitten. You learned how to bite others now.

Im leaving a mark. Youre not allowed to disappear again.

Xie Limo nodded. He gently kissed away the tears at the corners of Yun Bixues eyes before lightly kissing the tip of her nose. I promise you.

Going to Gui County this time was an accident. He had to investigate properly once he returned.

Hearing Xie Limos promise, Yun Bixue smiled contentedly. However, there was still a hint of grief in her eyes that never left.

Ever since her grandfather passed away, her heart was constantly wrapped in this grief. No matter how hard she tried not to show it, the look in her eyes could not deceive others.

Seeing this look in Yun Bixues eyes, Xie Limos heart throbbed in pain.