Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Loss Of Appetite

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Xie Limo caressed her face and replied gently, You just woke up and cried for so long. Arent you hungry? Ill get some food for you.

Yun Bixue nodded her head.

When Xie Limo left, the smile on Yun Bixues face faltered. She did not know whether she should tell him about Grandfathers accident.

Ever since her grandfather died, she only had two things in mindone was to find Xie Limo, and the other was to become stronger to avenge her grandfather.

Now that she found Xie Limo, and he was alive and well, she could put this matter to rest.

Hence, the next thing she wanted to do was to avenge her grandfather.

Yun Bixue planned things in her mind. There was a hint of coldness in her tear-stricken face.

When Xie Limo came in with the food, Yun Bixue immediately adjusted her expression. She appeared more gentle as she said, Smells really nice.

She did not want Xie Limo to see her in grief. After crying, she would try her best to present the strong side of her and be his pillar of strength.

She only had him left now.

Xie Limo took out the food on the adjacent table as he explained, I went to buy mushroom and chicken soup. I also bought some soup buns and millet porridge. You just came to, so you cant really eat other things. Eating some of these would be better.

Although the meal was simple, they were all the things she liked to eat usually.

Limo, I miss home.

She only said that she missed home because he was back. Home was only home when he was back.

Furthermore, if she stayed here in the hospital, it would trouble Xie Limo to travel back and forth. She could not bear for him to do so, so she wanted to go home. He would be able to have a proper rest then.

Xie Limos hands paused for a while as his heart trembled a little. He wanted to go home too. However, home was only home with her around.

He placed the soup and soup buns in the lunch box and passed it to Yun Bixue. Eat first. Once youre done eating, I will go and ask the doctor if there is anything to take note of. If its possible, we will go home.


After drinking a mouthful of mushroom and chicken soup, Yun Bixue felt her stomach warm up immediately. She could not tell whether she really felt warmed or if it was just a psychological feeling.

After eating a few mouthfuls, she saw Xie Limo sitting there, watching her eat with a gentle and indulgent gaze and asked, Why arent you eating?

Im not hungry. I ate a little while I was on the plane.

Yun Bixue frowned as she said, Youre lying. Here, eat some as well. As she said that, she picked a piece of chicken and placed it in front of Xie Limos mouth.

Seeing how stubborn Yun Bixue was, Xie Limo could only open his mouth to swallow it.

Yun Bixue then scooped a few spoonfuls of chicken soup for him to sip.

Seeing how haggard he looked, she knew that he must not have rested well for the past few days. He definitely did not take care of himself as well.

However, after eating a few mouthfuls, Xie Limos expression did not look too good. He stood up and went to the washroom.

Yun Bixue hated that her leg was injured so she could not follow him to see. However, she pressed on the assistance bell by her bedside and asked Lin Qiushui to go over and take a look quietly. What happened to her husband?

After a short while, Lin Qiushui came back to tell Yun Bixue that Xie Limo was vomiting in the toilet. It could be because he had no appetite for food.

Yun Bixues face turned pale when she heard that. She clutched on to Lin Qiushui anxiously as she asked, Then what should we do? Will anything bad happen to him?

No, theres nothing wrong with him. His tests came out well when he was discharged. I think it could be because he lost appetite or because he was too worried about you. The best you can do is find some way to make him eat a little. If it still doesnt work, we will have to put him on an IV drip.

Yun Bixue clenched her fists as her heart started to twist in pain.

She and Limo were both working hard in life, why could they not just be fine and well?