Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 Heartwarming Simplicity

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To not let Xie Limo worry, Yun Bixue tried her best to calm herself down.

When Xie Limo came back, no matter how much he tried to make himself look okay, Yun Bixue did not miss the paleness and exhaustion in his complexion.

Yun Bixue patted the spot beside her on the bed and said, Come here. I havent seen you in such a long time. I want to be closer to you.

An indulgent gaze flashed across Xie Limos eyes as he sat down beside Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue took a mouthful of millet porridge before feeding Xie Limo with it, mouth-to-mouth.

Xie Limo did not understand why she did that. His body trembled a little, and Yun Bixue immediately hugged his neck. She unlocked his lips shakily with her tongue and sent the porridge into his mouth with a kiss.

She did not let Xie Limo back away and hugged him tightly, placing a hand over his stomach as she started to rub back and forth.

After two or three minutes, Yun Bixue finally let go of Xie Limo and asked, Do you feel better? Can you eat it now?

Seeing the glimmer in Yun Bixues eyes, Xie Limo caressed her head and said, You already know?

Yeah, Limo, is your lack of appetite a psychological effect? Then if you refuse to eat from now on or cant eat, I wont feel like eating either. Bear with the discomfort in your stomach and eat slowly. It will get better bit by bit. Lets start with something plain and light first. Once your stomach is used to the food, we can eat some vegetarian food, and after that, some meaty food. Is that okay?

Okay. He knew that if he really did not eat anything, she would be very anxious.

Just like this, Yun Bixue accompanied Xie Limo and drank some porridge. Just one bowl of porridge alone took half an hour to get Xie Limo to finish it.

After every mouthful, Yun Bixue would use her hand to rub Xie Limos stomach gently.

She would rub her palms hard together so that there would be some warmth in her hands before she proceeded to rub his stomach.

When Xie Limo finished a bowl of porridge without any problems, Yun Bixue continued to rub his stomach. When she finally relaxed her hands, she felt that rubbing his stomach was really comfortable for her hands. She almost could not bear to let her hand go.

Especially when she lowered her head to look, she really felt like his body beneath his shirt was perfect.

Logically speaking, her leg was still in a cast, so now was not the time that she should be harboring desires for her husband.

However, she had missed him and pined for him for so long. When she could finally relax, she really felt it a little difficult to take her eyes and hands off him.

Afterwards, Yun Bixue was no longer rubbing his stomach. Instead, she began drawing circles on his skin.

Xie Limo felt a wave of electricity course through his body. He grabbed Yun Bixues hand at once and said in a hoarse voice, Xue, what are you doing?

Huh? Im rubbing your stomach. Is your appetite getting better? Yun Bixue blinked her eyes innocently as she looked at Xie Limo with worry and longing.

Xie Limo did not know whether to cry or laugh. Alright, my wife is really divine. My appetite is much better now with you around.

The change from his initial loss of appetite and nausea to slowly adjusting to eating food was all because she was by his side. She diverted his attention gradually, so he managed to eat and get used to having food in his stomach.

Once they were done eating and cleaning up the table, Yun Bixue let Xie Limo bring a basin of water over for her. She wet a towel with the warm water and gently wiped Xie Limos face with it.

I can do it myself.

Yun Bixue insisted on taking care of him. I am your wife. Let me help you. I want to help you wash your hair, wash your face, and take good care of you. I will be a good and dutiful wife.

During the days when she could not find him, she thought about many, many things. She wanted to treat him really well so that she would not leave any regrets for herself.