Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215 Young Master Xie Will Definitely Be A Good Father

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As Yun Bixue said that, she stared at Xie Limo, her eyes fluttering slightly.

She was very serious, but her heart felt uneasy as well. She was afraid of hearing his rejection. Because she was too scared of loneliness, she wanted a child that would belong to him and her.

She was not feeling impulsive as this was something she decided on after giving it a deep thought.

Although Xie Limo felt it a little strange that Yun Bixue would say this, his heart stirred when he saw the look in her eyes. Okay, lets have a child.

Yun Bixues eyes were about to lose its sparkle when it suddenly lit up again. It shone so brightly as if it could light up all the stars in the sky, and in turn, it lighted Xie Limos heart.

Limo, thank you.

Silly girl, why are you thanking me? I owe you too much. I always thought that I treated you well, but it might not actually be good for you. Its good to have a child. Actually, he vaguely had this thought in his mind after the incident in Gui County.

He was too afraid of losing her, so he also wanted a child with her. A child was the essence of a couples love.

He told himself he would fight with all he had to protect her and the child. He would not allow for a repeat of the Gui County incident, where he left her alone in the capital.

Yun Bixues eyes glowed with warmth as she said, I was actually scared that you wouldnt want to.

If I didnt want to, you would definitely bear a grudge against me and blame me. This would distance yourself from me.

So, you still dont want to?

Xue, you know it too. Of course I want a child of our own. I only thought it through recently, just like you.

Yun Bixue stretched out her hands and hugged his neck as she rubbed her head against him fervently.

Xie Limos body stiffened as he said, Xue, dont tempt me. I wont be able to restrain myself if you do this. Wait until your leg has recovered, okay?

Yun Bixue did not dare to move her head around anymore. However, she was still breathing on Xie Limos neck.

Xie Limo could only laugh at himself mockingly. This was really a torturous night for him. It was impossible for him not to be moved when he was hugging the person he loved the most. However, he loved her too much, so he would rather hold it in himself than to hurt her.

Limo, if we have a child, I think you will definitely be a good father.

Yeah. I dont know about that now, but since its our child, I will definitely love him or her.

They all say that to teach a good child, one parent has to play the devil while the other parent the angel. I want to be the angel mother. You will be the strict father. You cant be so gentle like how you treat me.

Xie Limo said indulgently, Okay, sure. Ill listen to you for everything.

We must think carefully about the name of our child. It must sound exceptionally nice and must be meaningful.


A child represented the hopes and dreams of them both, so Yun Bixues eyes curved into crescents as she talked about having children.

Later, when they were both on the bed and she was tired of talking, she eventually fell asleep.

Xie Limo listened to her faint breathing and looked at her sweet sleeping face. If having a child could bring her joy, he was very willing to work hard to have more children with her.

After an hour or so, when Xie Limo confirmed that Yun Bixue had fallen into a deep sleep and would not wake up, he carefully walked out of the bedroom.

Once he was out of the bedroom, Xie Limos aura changed completely. The smile on his face faded as a cold aura emanated from his body. There was an unusually dark glow in his exquisite eyes.

At that moment, his elegance and gentleness faded, as if he had turned into Satan in the dead of night.

He dialed a secret line number. Not long after, two men in black suits walked in. The two of them bowed as they greeted him respectfully, Young Master Xie!

Xie Limo took out a stack of information and passed it to the two of them. Xie Wu, Xie Liu, I hope you both wont disappoint me this time after I called you both back from the headquarters.