Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 Young Master Xies Thunderous Aura

Chapter 1216: Young Master Xies Thunderous Aura
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Young Master Xie, we wont disappoint you again. Xie Wu and Xie Liu replied synonymously.

There was a hint of somberness in their resolute tone. They knew that the five or six-men team of secret guards that Xie Jiu led to Gui County perished entirely.

Although Young Master Xie did not say much, they knew how heavy Young Master Xie felt in his heart.

They died while saving Young Master Xie.

Take what you know to your graves. You must never let Young Madam find out.

Yes! They knew that if Young Madam knew that Xie Jiu sacrificed himself, she would definitely blame herself.

However, it was precisely because of Young Madams far-sightedness and deep introspection that made her send Xie Jiu and the rest to protect Young Master Xie in secret. That was the reason why Young Master Xie was able to come back alive.

In fact, the trip to Gui County was not a big issue at all. However, they all committed the same mistake. They were too careless and overestimated the limits of humanity. Indeed, Country A was unlike other countries overseas.

The bureaucratic culture is very strong here in the capital. The officials here would resort to all means to secure their positions and eradicate their opponents. They would not care about the lives of the citizens, nor would they care if they would sacrifice any of the rescue mission soldiers. They only have their own selfish interests at heart.

Although this was a close encounter, it served as a reminder to everyone. They should not be careless when dealing with things. They also had to take into consideration the humaneness of the people they were dealing with.

Xie Limo briefly explained the information at hand. This contains the evidence of a total of five officials corruption practices and extra-marital affairs. Two of them are from the Ministry of State Affairs, while the other three are from the Ministry of Finance and Tax, Ministry of Administration, and the Ministry of Supervision. Try to create some problems around them as much as possible during this time and arouse public anger towards them before exposing all their deeds on the Internet. Make them fall from grace within the shortest period of time.


These five people are the ones we found first. There are more people linked to them. Continue to check.


Xie Limo had his own plans. After the five officials are stripped from their posts, it would be about time for the people he had groomed to take over and fill their posts.

After arranging some matters, Xie Limo ordered all the secret guards in Ning An City to check on Old Master Yuns accident without leaving out any detail.

Once everything was arranged, Xie Limo rubbed his brows a little tiredly.

Xie Liu had already gone off to carry out his mission through the night. Xie Wu stood there looking at the exhausted Young Master Xie, feeling a little bad for him.

Leave the An family to Young Madam for now. As for that person called Qiao Muwan in Country F, let the secret guards in Country F keep watch on her. Send Xie Shier over to find the doctor who did her plastic surgery. Make him tamper with the surgery on her next appointment there.

Xie Wu shuddered. Women cared about their looks the most. If Young Master Xie wanted to tamper with her surgery, it would definitely not be a light matter.

He felt that it was really tragic for that Qiao Muwan to anger Young Madam.

It would be fine if she had not been found. However, since she had been found, Young Master Xie would definitely not let her off so easily.

Young Master Xie, do you want to kill her?

No need. It is not easy for Bixue to be able to find out all these. Let Qiao Muwan live for Young Madam to vent her anger on. You guys only need to keep watch on her and make her suffer appropriately. Just make sure she wont be able to cause any more trouble.

I understand.

After everything was settled, Xie Limo waved his hand, and Xie Wu left as well.

He exhaled deeply as he stared at the night sky. He only went back into the house after the cold aura around him had dissipated.

Xie Limo got onto the bed carefully and hugged Yun Bixue.

However, Yun Bixue had already woken up. She felt the coldness on his skin, and her heart ached for him.

Xie Limo sensed that something was amiss when he hugged Yun Bixue. He lowered his head and realized that her eyes were open. Xue, werent you sleeping?