Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217 A One Man Show

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In fact, Yun Bixue wanted to sleep too. However, ever since Xie Limo went to Gui County and after her grandfather passed away, she got used to sleeping light.

She would easily wake up at the slightest sound.

Although she did not know where he went, she could guess that he was busy arranging some matters after he came back.

She knew that her husband would definitely not let off those officials who tried to harm him.

However, her leg had yet to recover, so she could not really help him with anything.

I only just woke up. I didnt go back to sleep after I realized you werent beside me.

Xie Limo would not actually lie to his own wife. He caressed her back and pulled the blankets over themselves as he said, Xue, I just went to arrange some matters with my subordinates. Once Im done, I can keep you company without worry.

Okay. Limo, you dont have to explain to me what you did because I trust you. Just dont tire yourself out.

Okay, I wont go to work during these few days either. I will stay at home and keep you company. By right, I should have a few days of leave after coming back.

Okay. She realized that she could only fall asleep in peace when she was surrounded by his smell.

After a good nights sleep, Yun Bixue stayed at home for the next few days to recuperate in peace. Xie Limo stayed by her side as well and tried his best to say things that would cheer her up.

Zhou Pingyu and Meng Xintong will come to the capital soon.

Have they been dispatched to the capital to work?

After a few days, some positions will be vacant. It just so happens that there are two positions that suit them. You wont be lonely next time and will have friends to keep you company as well.

Yun Bixue was very moved. She knew that everything Xie Limo did was in consideration of her. However, the things she could do for him were far too little.

She could only hope that her leg could recover as soon as possible.

Later in the afternoon, Yun Bixue received a call from Yang Mei, who told her that Yun Mengshi committed suicide. However, she had been rescued in time.

A cold smile curved up on Yun Bixues lips as she said, She wants to die? It wont be that easy. Keep a close eye on her. I still want to use her to deal with Chu Feier.

Yes, First Miss.

Days passed just like that. While Yun Bixue stayed at home to recuperate, she continued to gather all sorts of information and news to prepare herself after her leg recovers.

The company also fired Lin Xi and found another female celebrity to act as the second female lead. The script for the second female lead was rewritten as well. Although the role was a bad character, it also sought to draw sympathy from the viewers. It was a role that would definitely be popular. The female celebrity they found was willing to star in the role as well.

Hence, the progress of the film shooting was not delayed at all.

During this period, several officials in the capital started falling from grace one by one as their corrupt acts were exposed.

Within half an hour, five officials lost their posts. This made all the other officials fear for their lives, especially those who were corrupt. They were really scared that they themselves would get caught.

No one knew that the downfall of these five officials had all been orchestrated by Xie Limo alone.

In an army camp somewhere

Since it was already winter, the weather turned cold. It was the snow season, so there were fewer training missions.

Now that Bai Yaoyao was under the personal guidance of Duan Yanhao, he would not let her train in the cold outside when the winds were strong and snowing hard.

However, Bai Yaoyao did not care about the cold. She continued to train hard.

Even when her face turned red from the cold winds, her eyes still shone as bright as the white snow.

Duan Yanhao stood beside Bai Yaoyao, clad in full army attire as he said sternly, If you disregard the cold like this, you might really catch a cold later. This would affect your training progress.

Bai Yaoyao smiled and saluted Duan Yanhao as she said, Major, my physical condition is getting better now. It will definitely not affect my training.

Duan Yanhao knitted his brows. This was not what he meant, but Bai Yaoyao was really not taking his words seriously anymore.