Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218 Like Master And Disciple

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Seeing Bai Yaoyao training hard, Duan Yanhaos expression stiffened even more. However, a glint of gratification flashed across his eyes.

He still remembered that when Bai Yaoyao first came in, she was lacking compared to the rest of the new recruits, be it in physical fitness or in other aspects. However, she still relied on her own will and determination to slowly improve, and bit by bit, she managed to surpass everyone else.

Even now, when there were fewer training sessions during winter, many female recruits rested in their dorms, while some played with the snow excitedly.

He still remembered that Bai Yaoyao was very excited when she saw the snow at first. However, she immediately said, Training in snowy weather is the best way to improve my skills.

After saying that, she began to train amidst the snow and cold winds. Her imposing and formidable stances would make people stop and stare at her.

Once Bai Yaoyao was done running with weights in the snow, she started practicing her shooting skills.

Duan Yanhao could tell from her breathing and timing that her capabilities were gradually improving.

He checked the time on his watch and said, Alright, its been two hours. Take a break.

Bai Yaoyao stood up and dusted the snow off herself. She patted her small, freezing face and huffed before saying, Its really cold today.

Its so cold, yet you still dont care about your life?

Didnt you say before? When we really go out on a mission, only the strongest can complete the mission successfully. I want to become a strong person, so I can return safely from missions.

Werent you thinking of sacrificing yourself back then?

Bai Yaoyao merely said, I had this thought before, but not anymore. As she said that, she stared at Duan Yanhao with a strange glint in her eyes.

She thought that if she sacrificed herself, Duan Yanhao would probably feel sad.

Duan Yanhao stared at Bai Yaoyao sharply. You cant have any more thoughts of sacrificing yourself now. As long as we use the right methods and craft a foolproof plan, I wont let any soldier sacrifice for nothing.

Although that was what he said, he had a deeper meaning to his words.

Bai Yaoyao smiled and said, Why are you so stern? I have already been training for so long. If I dont train intensely now and improve my skills, when will I ever get a chance to be assigned on missions?

Duan Yanhao shook his head. Now is not the time, so you still need to continue training. There are still drills to do. You can only go on missions when I declare that you have passed.

Alright, Ill listen to you, since youre a Major. As she said that, she went up to pull Duan Yanhao and placed her hand in his as she said, Your hand is so warm, even in winter. My hands are not like yours, they will still be cool even in summer.

Thats because your constitution is more on the cold side. It will be good for your body if you can drink the herbal medicine that I asked someone to prepare for you consistently.

Okay, I know. Oh right, Duan Yanhao, why do I feel like youre my master? Like the kind that teaches martial arts in ancient times. Theres only the master and disciple on the mountain. Youre the master, and Im the disciple. The disciple can only leave the mountain after the master says so. Bai Yaoyao actually wanted to continue saying that they might even have a Master-Disciple romance together!

Duan Yanhao stared at Bai Yaoyao resignedly. He turned and dusted the snow off her head as he said, From what you said, youre treating me like a master now? You might not actually listen to the words I say.

Times have changed. Some words can be listened to, while others cannot.

What a glib tongue. Go to the house and warm yourself up. If you get frostbite on your fingers, you wont be able to train for the rest of the winter now. Duan Yanhao clasped her hand that was on his, then led her into the house.