Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Temptations

Yun Bixue almost passed out after hearing Ji Qiongxin's words. This lingerie was meant to be worn by her?

Yun Bixue watched in astonishment as Ji Qiongxin arranged the lingerie onto the bed. Even her head started to spin.

This... This were truly a test for her heart. She was utterly stupefied.

These transparent things that were frilled with lace and that had barely any cloth made her blush with just one look. To let her put them on, this... It was really made her woozy.

Ji Qiongxin did not seem to have noticed Yun Bixue's reactions and happily chirped, "Bixue, my brilliant child, quickly take a seat. Don't you love these lingerie too? I think they are very pretty."

Yun Bixue watched the elated expression on Ji Qiongxin's face, and how she was looking at her, as if she was desperately seeking approval. As her junior, Yun Bixue truly could not deny her senior. She could only nod and reply, "Yes, Aunty, they are pretty."

After receiving approval, Ji Qiongxin relaxed. She placed the lingerie before Yun Bixue repeatedly, as though showing off a gem. "Yes, you will look bewitching. Bixue, let me tell you. Before I came, I specially requested for a designer to design this. The best seamstress then made this. There are no others like this piece.

When you put it on, you will surely enchant my son. Hahaha!" The more Ji Qiongxin imagined, the more ecstatic she felt.

Yun Bixue was speechless and in a daze. Her mother-in-law appeared so odd at that moment. Had she been too bored?

Thinking about how she needed to face Xie Limo in these clothes, Yun Bixue's face blushed intensely immediately. She shook her head; she definitely could not wear this.

"Thank you for your kind offer, Aunty. I still have a lot of lingerie that Xie Shiyi had bought previously. There are many designs. This... Is rather impractical." She deliberated over the vocabulary to use, afraid that she would hurt her kind mother-in-law.

"Can what Xie Shiyi bought be compared to this? The material is top-grade. It feels nice to the touch. Have a feel."

The longer Yun Bixue listened, the redder she turned. Looking at the anticipating look in Ji Qiongxin's eyes, she really could not bear to reject anymore.

Noticing how Yun Bixue seemed to have loosened up, Ji Qiongxin heaved a deep sigh. Intentionally pretending to be upset, she said, "I have always wanted to have a grandson. I feel depressed looking at others carrying their grandsons.

I have waited and waited, and Limo finally got married. That's great. I need to quickly arrange for the parents from both sides to meet to discuss the matters of the wedding.

I am just waiting to hold my grandson in my arms. Bixue, I know you are a lovely child. I am depending on you." Ji Qiongxin spoke, putting on a pitiful expression.

Yun Bixue agreed in the midst of her confusion. After she regained her composure, she saw how Ji Qiongxin was happily singing away, and could not bear to disappoint her.

However, she had yet to do it with Limo. In fact, she had not been ready at the start. After she had prepared herself, she had felt rather nervous. Limo had always considered her feelings and hence neither took the initiative, nor addressed the obvious issue. The two of them had hence dragged it out.

"Bixue, my lovely child. Quickly put it on. Put it on and return to your room to rest."

Yun Bixue was startled. "Aunty, put it on now?"

Ji Qiongxin nodded. "Yes, put it on here. Don't worry, we are all ladies. I won't peek. After you put that on, wear this on top to return to your room."

Finally, after Ji Qiongxin's repeated urging, Yun Bixue could only put those clothes on. She thought that she would remove them after she entered her room.

When Yun Bixue returned to her room in those clothes, Ji Qiongxin's hushed voice sounded throughout the study room. "Limo, look at yourself. You only know to work. Your wife is feeling unwell but you're not aware of it and did not comfort her. I noticed that she looked so upset and was on the verge of crying."