Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 Optimistic Yet Pessimistic Emotions

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Hearing Duan Yanhaos words, Bai Yaoyao agreed with him. No one doted on her in the past, so she did not treat herself properly either.

However, while she interacted with Duan Yanhao, she truly understood how it feels like to be cared for. It was a really, really warm feelinga feeling that every day was worth looking forward to, and a feeling that would make every day feel meaningful. These were all things that she had never experienced before.

Seeing the indifferent expression on Bai Yaoyaos face, Duan Yanhao shook his head and said, Youre a girl. You must first learn to love yourself.

Bai Yaoyao waved him off and said, Its nothing. Anyway, ten years passed in the blink of an eye. Very soon, everything will turn to dust.

Bai Yaoyao did not have anything to worry about. Hence, she had both an optimistic yet pessimistic mindset at the same time. Her views had aged. She also had a peaceful feeling about death.

Hearing Bai Yaoyaos words, Duan Yanhao stretched out his hand and knocked her head lightly.

Ow. Why did you hit me?

How is that painful? There will be many things for you to treasure in life. Your mindset is wrong.

Right or wrong, this is just how I feel.

In fact, Bai Yaoyao felt that if she did not meet Duan Yanhao, or if she was not a female soldier and fulfilled her teenage dream, she would probably really feel that there was nothing left for her stay on in this world.

Sometimes, she would think about all the little things that happened this year. She came to the realization that in the past, when she loved Xirong Ziye and treated him well, this was all done on her own accord. What right did she have to demand that he treat her equally well then?

Xirong Ziye was not related to her at all. She did not have the right to demand that he treat her nicely. He was like Duan Yanhao to her now. She yearned for warmth, but she dared not get close. She felt that she did not have any reason to continue enjoying such warmth.

This was a complicated mix of optimistic yet pessimistic emotions in her heart.

Duan Yanhao stared at Bai Yaoyao deeply and sternly.

Bai Yaoyao felt a little uncomfortable and asked, Erm, is there something on my face?

Duan Yanhao said sincerely, Yaoyao, youre too stubborn. This is not good. You should change your mindset.

Bai Yaoyao could sense the small sigh between Duan Yanhaos words. She gave a small smile and lowered her head. Only she knew that her stubbornness was merely a facade. Actually, she did not want others to see the weak side of her.

Duan Yanhao could feel that Bai Yaoyaos spirits were low. He did not force her either and turned on the TV as he said, Watch TV first. I have some matters to attend to now, and I will come back in a while.


In Country E

Ever since Xiamu Qingyan regained her consciousness after she had been rescued, Xirong Ziye only came to visit her once.

The first thing he said to her was, Youre awake. Dont do anything silly again.

Xiamu Qingyan clutched on to Xirong Ziyes clothes and said in an agonized voice, Ziye, I cant live without you.

Xiamu Qingyan, if thats the case, I wont be able to save you if you do anything silly again. No one can save you. You cant force your thoughts upon me, do you understand?

No, no Ziye, you cant do this to me. I love you. I really love you with all my heart. You cant disregard my life. You treated me well at the start and made me fall in love with you, this isnt my fault

Xirong Ziyes gaze turned even colder as Xiamu Qingyan spouted those irrational words. She pushed all the blame to him, which implied that it would be his fault if he did not get together with her.

Xirong Ziye looked at the face before him. All her cries and accusations seemed so fake.