Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 That Face

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Xirong Ziye observed Xiamu Qingyans face carefully. He felt that she resembled his first love a lot. As the similarity was too striking, he started to have doubts in his heart.

While Xirong Ziye thought about it, Xiamu Qingyan was still crying on and on while blaming Xirong Ziye.

She knew that if she did not do this now, she might not have another chance to see Xirong Ziye ever again.

If he did not want her to see him, she would not be able to meet him no matter what she did.

Ziye, did you forget the times when we first got to know each other? You said you will always treat me well. Youre the President, so how can you turn back on your words

Xirong Ziye exerted a bit of strength and yanked Xiamu Qingyans hand away from him. He merely said, Xiamu Qingyan, since youre awake now, you should live on properly! I will keep the Xiamu familys position, and thats all that I can do. Dont force me!

No, Ziye Ziye, did you forget that you love this face? Arent you scared that I will ruin this face? Xiamu Qingyan was losing some of her rationality as she panicked this time.

The moment Xirong Ziye heard this, his body trembled. He turned around and immediately strode over to Xiamu Qingyans side. He grabbed her arm and said, What did you just say?

She saw the stormy look in Xirong Ziyes eyes, and his expression was as cold as ice.

Xiamu Qingyan shuddered a little and did not dare to say anything else. However, her arm was hurting from Xirong Ziyes grip.

Ziye, my hand hurts.

Repeat whatever you said just now and say whatever you know. If not, you know how its like to suffer my wrath.

Seeing the look on Xirong Ziyes face right now, Xiamu Qingyan could tell that he was dead serious. She was well aware of Xirong Ziyes capabilities now. He did not need to care about the Xiamu family at all, as he had the ability to overthrow her family.

Xiamu Qingyan bit on her lower lip and took a deep breath before she said, Alright, Ill say it. Ziye, do you still remember the first time we met? After we met for the first time, you treated me really well. I did not dare to believe it at that time. Was there really such a thing like love at first sight? However, you have been so protective and considerate towards me, so that made it hard for me not to believe it too However, afterwards, I always felt like you were recalling someone in your mind when you were looking at my face, as if youre looking at something else through me. After a while, I began to think more about it. I voiced my doubts with my father, so he helped me check. It was then that I found out that you had not gotten over your first love and that I look a lot like your first love.

Xiamu Qingyan smiled self-deprecatingly and continued, But so what if I knew? I have already been immersed in the gentleness you gave me. Even if it was all an illusion, I would not bear to part with it.

Of course, Xiamu Qingyans words were only the half-truth. However, she was a good actress, so she controlled her emotions really well.

Xirong Ziye observed the seemingly sad look in Xiamu Qingyans eyes as he sank into his thoughts. At the end of the day, it was still his fault. He had hurt this lady once again.

They were all innocent. He did not want to hurt anyone. He simply wanted to make amends to Yaoyao. How did things turn out like this?

No matter how much wrong Xiamu Qingyan did, he was the cause of it all.

Im sorry. However, let this mistake end early. You shouldnt do such silly things again.

Hearing Xirong Ziyes words, a glint of delight flashed across Xiamu Qingyans eyes. Luckily she managed to manipulate that tiny bit of guilt in his heart and achieve the effect she desired.

Xiamu Qingyan seized the chance to hug Xirong Ziyes waist and said, Dont leave me, please?

Xirong Ziye only pulled Xiamu Qingyans arm away after he regained his composure. Xiamu Qingyan, dont let me find out youre lying.