Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 The Presidents Press Conference

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Xirong Ziye would not believe Xiamu Qingyans words easily now. He will naturally go and check to see if what she said was true or false.

Xiamu Qingyan, you wont be able to bear the consequences of deceiving me.

Even though he said that, he could not help feeling guilty as he stared at the thin and pale Xiamu Qingyan before him.

That day, Xirong Ziye returned to his own residence. However, at midnight, the Xiamu family sent news of Xiamu Qingyan attempting suicide again.

Xirong Ziye had a really bad headache. He really could not leave Country E for the time being.

Time passed as things dragged on just like that.

Xirong Ziye also sent his subordinates to check up on everything that was related to Xiamu Qingyan.

Mr. President, are you suspecting Miss Xiamu?

Yeah. I only thought through it now. I always felt that my encounter with her was not that simple. You can go ahead and check it thoroughly.

Mr. President, the Xiamu family had already concealed most of the information related to Miss Xiamu. It will be very hard to find any information on her.

No matter how hard it is, there must definitely be some leads. Just try your best to find out.


After his subordinate had left, Xirong Ziye clutched his head and squatted on the floor. Sometimes, he felt that he was on the verge of breaking down.

This made him unable to go and look for Yaoyao.

Every time Xirong Ziye thought of Bai Yaoyao, he would go over to the White House to take a look. Sometimes, he would dress in plain clothes and walk around the streets, looking forward to seeing a glimpse of her.

Later, while he was walking along the streets, he saw a missing person advertisement being broadcasted on a huge screen of a mall.

It was a son looking for his father.

A glimmer of light flashed across Xirong Ziyes mind. He immediately returned and let his subordinates prepare to open a press conference.

President, you want to hold a press conference today? As his subordinates, they really could not keep up with the Presidents thoughts sometimes.

Xirong Ziye nodded. Thats right. Call up the reporters from all the major broadcasting stations as well as some international reporters.

Seeing the serious expression on the Presidents face, everyone thought that it was about something urgent and immediately went to make arrangements.

In the end, when the press conference began, Xirong Ziye appeared in casual clothes, walked to the stage and said to everyone, I called everyone here today to use this chance to find a person.

Mr. President, who are you looking for?

I am looking for the person I love.

The moment Xirong Ziye said this, all the reporters were shocked. They only knew of the Presidents past with Miss Xiamu. They never knew that the President had someone he loved. He even held such a large-scale press conference like this to announce it openly?

This really subverted all their knowledge about him.

Is that person someone you love very much, Mr. President?

In a sincere voice, Xirong Ziye answered, Yes, its someone I love very much. I cant tell everyone her name yet because Im afraid that it might cause her distress. However, I want to use this chance to tell her that I let her down in the past I hope that she can see this, forgive me, and know how I truly feel towards her.

Mr. President is so devoted. That lady will surely be moved.

No, I hurt her too deeply. I only want to do everything I can to make amends. In the past, she treated me well. In the future, it will be my turn to treat her well.

Mr. President, what if she doesnt forgive you?

Xirong Ziye sighed deeply. I dont know either. I hope that she will at least be able to see this. I let her down, and I owe her too much She is a good lady. When I was poor in the past, she was the one who stayed by my side and took care of me all the way. It was really my fault