Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224 The Major Is Nicer To Look At As Compared To The Television

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Hearing Duan Yanhaos voice, Bai Yaoyao nodded her head lightly.

When Duan Yanhao saw Bai Yaoyaos eyes, which were rimmed in red, his heart trembled involuntarily. You cried? Who made you cry?

As he spoke, his anger spiked without him realizing. At that moment, he was furious beyond measure.

Looking at how protective Duan Yanhao was of her, her tears, which finally stopped, started welling up again.

Bai Yaoyao wanted to say something, but no words came out. She could only shake her head as more tears fell.

Duan Yanhao wiped her tears away with his finger. After you joined the army, didnt you become strong? Why are you crying again?

In fact, Bai Yaoyao had never cried since she joined the army. That was why Duan Yanhao became more anxious.

Bai Yaoyao looked at how Duan Yanhao was caring for her, and her heart turned tender and fragile.

Duan Yanhao, can you hug me?

Duan Yanhaos hand trembled. His vision blurred for a moment as he looked at her tear-stricken face, which was lit up in anticipation.

Without saying anything, he stretched his arm out and pulled Bai Yaoyao into an embrace.

Bai Yaoyao leaned into his embrace and shut her eyes. This was great. His chest was so broad and warm. It felt safe to be there.

It made her temporarily feel like a small girl who could seek protection.

It made her greedy for love.

Bai Yaoyao did not hesitate as she hugged back. Snuggling into the embrace, she found a comfortable position and took in his scent.

She could not think of anything else. All she wanted to do was to fall asleep in his embrace.

Duan Yanhao was a soldier, so he was not good at comforting women. He could only hug her like this, doing it as gently as he could so as not to hurt her.

This hug made Duan Yanhao recall about what happened in Country E. That time, he had piggy-backed and kissed her.

Hugging her like this right now, he could not help but sigh. She was truly small. How did such a petite body contain such immense strength?

He knew about how hard she worked and persevered, but he also understood that Bai Yaoyao was a womanshe had her fragile side as well.

Without knowing how long had passed, Bai Yaoyao was about to fall asleep when her stomach grumbled against her will.

Duan Yanhao lowered her head to look at Bai Yaoyao. He shook her lightly and asked, Feeling sleepy now?

He wanted to laugh. How could she fall asleep like this?

Bai Yaoyao extracted herself awkwardly from Duan Yanhaos embrace and sniffed. Im hungry.

Its about time to eat. I will go and prepare our food.

Can we eat hotpot?

Duan Yanhao noticed the unusual whine in Bai Yaoyaos voice and replied, Okay.

Bai Yaoyao truly enjoyed this feeling, but she did not wish to destroy this balance they had. She was afraid that if too much was said, she would lose even this bit of warmth.

Duan Yanhao gave her life warmth, which it had lacked before, and for the first time, she finally experienced the feeling of someone caring for her.

When they were eating hotpot, Duan Yanhao teased her. Your tears come and go quickly.

I just cried because of the drama. Its nothing much.

Then dont watch it anymore.

Bai Yaoyao grinned and looked seriously at Duan Yanhao. Okay, I shall not watch it anymore. Its much better to look at you than watch TV anyway.

Duan Yanhao, who was putting vegetables into the hotpot, paused. His chopsticks almost dropped. Although his expression was still indifferent, if one looked carefully, they could see the corners of his lips lifting up and the reddening of his ears.