Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225 The Majors Temptation Using Food

Chapter 1225: The Majors Temptation Using Food
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Bai Yaoyao looked at Duan Yanhao and noticed his reddened ears. His stiff expression turned gentle and warm, like a block of ice melting slowly.

She was mesmerized by this sight. Even the Major seemed to have a sort of gentleness hidden within him.

She was elated that she could experience it.

Duan Yanhao mixed the vegetables and meatballs in the hotpot. When it was cooked, he placed them into Bai Yaoyaos bowl.

But at that moment, Bai Yaoyao was resting her cheeks on both hands as she looked at Duan Yanhao.

Duan Yanhaos face stiffened, and he coughed lightly. Are you just going to look at me and not eat?

Bai Yaoyao nodded her head. Yes, the sight of you fills me up.

Bai Yaoyao spoke in all seriousness. She was incredibly thankful for the warmth that Duan Yanhao gave her. It helped her walk out of the darkness, which made her heart achieve peace quicker than it would.

Duan Yanhao looked at Bai Yaoyaos reddened eyes. Her eyes were so cute and bright that they reminded him of a rabbit.

He was a soldier who was not good with words. There were a lot of things he would not say but instead show with his actions.

He picked up a meatball and placed it in front of Bai Yaoyaos mouth. Here, eat this quickly. Wasnt your stomach grumbling just now?

Bai Yaoyao opened her mouth to eat the meatball. Its really delicious.

I made them myself, so there are no preservatives. If its nice, eat more.


Just by being by his side, Bai Yaoyao reverted back to her usual cheerful self.

The change was so subtle that even Bai Yaoyao did not notice.

That afternoon, Bai Yaoyao wanted to resume her training.

Looking at how she was forcing herself, Duan Yanhao had no way to advise her. To him, she would definitely overtire herself by pushing her body to go through such tough training. Everything should be taken slowly.

Yaoyao, do you want to hunt for wild rabbits? We can make dumplings out of them.

Bai Yaoyao paused in her steps. Thinking of rabbit dumplings, she swallowed hard before turning back to look at Duan Yanhao.

With his arms crossed, Duan Yanhao was looking at her with an indifferent expression.

Duan Yanhao, this is blatant temptation. She loved the dumplings he made, and she could eat a lot of it.

You can only hunt for rabbits during winter. If you dont want to eat it, its okay too.

Bai Yaoyao had never eaten dumplings made from wild rabbit meat. Naturally, she wanted to try it. She hopped back into the house. Sir Major, lets go, shall we?

Youre not going to training anymore?

I originally wanted to rest today, so postponing my training is fine too.

The corners of Duan Yanhaos lips lifted up. Alright. Go and change your clothes. Ill take you to the mountains.

Okay. Bai Yaoyao was elated, and she felt more lighthearted. She ran into the house to change, tied her hair up, and wore her shoes. She looked gentle and beautiful.

When they were trekking up the mountain, they encountered a bumpy pathway. Although Bai Yaoyao was not familiar with these trails, Duan Yanhao was.

He offered his hand to Bai Yaoyao and said, Come. I will pull you along.

Bai Yaoyao looked at the large hand in front of her, and the weak-willed her was touched by that action. No one had ever offered to pull her along.

Without hesitation, Bai Yaoyao grabbed Duan Yanhaos hand and allowed him to pull her along as they trekked.

After a while, they saw a rabbit, and this made Bai Yaoyaos face lit up in excitement.

Duan Yanhao hushed her and asked her to remain quiet.

He aimed with his self-crafted bow and arrow and took a shot, and the rabbit fell not long after.

You hit it. You really got it. Bai Yaoyao ran to the rabbit excitedly as she spoke.