Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 The Taste Of Hunting

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Bai Yaoyao ran over and picked the rabbit up. She praised, Duan Yanhao, youre too good at this.

Looking at how the arrow pierced the center of the rabbit, Bai Yaoyao continued, Your skills are superb. I think you can be a hunter.

Duan Yanhao followed up on her joke as well. Even if I were to become a hunter in the future, I can still feed you.

Although this was a casual statement, Bai Yaoyaos heart trembled. A simple statement like this was so incredibly touching for her, causing her to flush a deep red in front of Duan Yanhao.

Luckily, since the weather was still cold, her face was already red, so he did not notice anything unusual.

Bai Yaoyao placed the rabbit into a bag and walked to Duan Yanhaos side. If we see another rabbit, let me try shooting it.

Sure, but do you know how to use this?

Although Ive never tried it before, I will just try. Your archery skills are superb, by the way. Did you learn it yourself?

When I was young, my father made this for me to play. At that time, I didnt think that it will become useful. There was once during a mission when I ran out of bullets, so I made use of the materials I had access to to create a bow and arrow. It helped me out a lot back then. In the future, you will undergo training for survival in the wilderness and learn to complete missions, no matter how bad the environment is. That way, you can ensure your own survival as well.

Bai Yaoyao listened to his words seriously. It felt as if Duan Yanhao always had things to teach her no matter when.

But she understood that his words were beneficial for her, so she would always etch them into her mind.

Will the wilderness training be just you and me?

No, it will be with your platoon. Youre training with me now to increase your stamina and constitution. Training together with the platoon will reinforce teamwork and the teams chemistry.

I understand. Oh, rabbit! Quick, pass it to me The moment Bai Yaoyao saw the rabbit, she excitedly took the bow and arrow from Duan Yanhaos hands and aimed to shoot.

However, the shot missed, and the rabbit ran away. Bai Yaoyao felt a little depressed after that.

Duan Yanhao comforted her patiently. An arrow is different from a gun. Theres no need to rush. You should always take things slowly. Come, lets try it again. Ill teach you how. Like this, your arm should be over here. When you release the arrow, its going to be like a parabola similar to that of throwing something. You have to take note of the accuracy

Duan Yanhao stood behind Bai Yaoyao, treating her like how he would a soldier as he explained seriously.

But what Bai Yaoyao noticed was his body heat and his warm and large hands. Her heart thumped.

When Duan Yanhao finished explaining, he noticed that Bai Yaoyao was looking dazed. Bai Yaoyao, did you catch what I just said?

Ah Oh, I remember.

Duan Yanhao frowned. Forget it, just do what you want. He originally brought her here for her to relax. Who knew that he would be trying to advise her everywhere along the trip.

In that manner, Bai Yaoyao followed Duan Yanhao into the forest where the snow was deeper. Duan Yanhao pulled her along as they moved on step by step.

In a short while, Duan Yanhao hunted three pheasants and two rabbits.

Bai Yaoyao tugged at Duan Yanhaos sleeves. This is more than enough. We shouldnt hunt too much.

Duan Yanhao chuckled heartily. Okay. Ill listen to you. He could tell that Bai Yaoyao was a softhearted person, and that she was never greedy.

When they got back, Bai Yaoyao wanted to help Duan Yanhao. However, he was afraid that she would injure her hand, so he stopped her, opting to do it himself.