Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228 Firepower

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When Yun Bilus called Huang Yize, he was having a video call meeting in his car. His schedule was tight, and he had another location to rush to right after that.

But when his phone rang, he knew that it was from Yun Bilu.

Huang Yizes expression shifted before swiftly settling things. He turned off the video call before picking up Yun Bilus call.


Huang Yize, I know youre very busy, but let me ask you a question. Which army camp did Mr. Soldier take Elder Sister Yaoyao to? I want to visit her.

Huang Yize sighed. Yun Bilu, take good care of yourself first. Did you hear me? Your Elder Sister Yaoyao is doing great.

I know, but the President held a press conference, and news about it is everywhere. If Elder Sister Yaoyao saw it, what if she gets upset and depressed?

Yun Bilu, your Elder Sister Yaoyao is not a child. She has her own judgment, so you dont have to worry.

I know. Im just worried.

Theyre doing great, so just take good care of yourself. Winter break is coming soon, and you have exams that you have to treat seriously.

Yun Bilu stuck her tongue out at the phone. I get it. I want to see you. It was something that popped up in Yun Bilus mind, so she just said it without thinking.

Hearing the silence from the other end of the phone, Yun Bilu continued, Huang Yize, if its not convenient, then


With just his acknowledgment, Yun Bilus mood brightened considerably. She quickly turned on the video call function on her cell phone and looked at the screen with a radiant smile.

She stared at the phone unblinkingly as she waited in anticipation.

After some shuffling from the other end, Huang Yizes image appeared on the screen.

Huang Yize, I can see you, can you see me?

Naturally, Huang Yize saw Yun Bilus blinding smile from his tablet as well.

Yun Bilu caressed Huang Yizes image on the screen, as though she was touching his cheeks. Huang Yize, now that I see you, I wont keep missing you.

Although Yun Bilu said it casually, Huang Yizes heart clenched tightly at her words.

Because he was truly too busy recently, he did not have time for her. Yun Bilu, you have to be obedient in school and take good care of yourself.


And, Bilu, dont feel sad. You need to know that you have me. With regards to Grandfather, I am getting people to check it. What happened to him was too strange. I cant get a clear view of it because there were too many people, but there will always be clues

Huang Yize thought about it a little before he told Yun Bilu. Back then, when he did not have any clues, he was unable to give her any hope. But now that he had a trace, he would naturally tell her about it.

However, after those few statements, gunshots could be heard from outside.

Young Master, its an ambush!

Huang Yize immediately turned off the tablet and started giving instructions.

Activate the security measures and send the signals. When they turn around, we will rush out to surround them

Yes, Young Master!

A fight and gunshots erupted simultaneously. In this battle, what mattered most was speed and accuracy.

Huang Yize instructed as he sat in a composed manner. He was just like a general devising strategies.

He was analyzing the current situation at a rapid speed in his mind. Logically, his whereabouts were all kept discreetly, so if someone could ambush him like this, it meant that there was a spy by his side.

Yun Bilu stared at her cell phone and quickly dialed back with trembling fingers. What she heard just now was definitely gunshots.