Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 What Young Master?

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Yun Bilus heart was pounding furiously as her face paled. She almost dropped her cell phone.

All she could think of was that ear-piercing gunshot. Also, was someone talking about an ambush?

Yun Bilu was worried about Huang Yize to death, but no matter how much she called, the call wouldnt connect.

Yun Bilu refused to give up. She kept on calling until even her lips started to tremble.

Huang Yize, quickly pick up. Whats happening? Are you in danger? What ambush Although the call did not go through, Yun Bilu continued to mumble to herself.

She was worried sick, but there was nothing she could do.

Yun Bilus breathing sped up, but other than calling, she had no idea about Huang Yizes whereabouts. There was nothing she could do to help him.

At that moment, Yun Bilu felt desperately helpless.

She leaned on the bed, and her mind blanked out. Perhaps she could only wait until he finished dealing with the matters and wait for him to tell her that he was fine.

All Yun Bilu could do for Huang Yize was to pray for him.

Worry, uneasiness, and all sorts of emotions surged to her head. She could only hold these emotions back and not let them drown her.

Yun Bilu thought about it clearly and logically. She remembered someone saying something like Young Master?

Could it be that Huang Yize was actually a young master of some gang? A person who can be called a young master was definitely not an ordinary person. If he was not from some martial family, then his family must have some immense influence that could be inherited.

No wonder Huang Yize refused to tell her about it time after time. It must have been because of how complicated his family was.

The more Yun Bilu thought about it, the paler and more serious her expression became.

Young Master, the opponents this time are thoroughly prepared. The enemies who came are those who wont give up unless they are dead.

Keep calm and try using grenades.


What the hell! Young Master, the enemy is actually using a special unit against us.

Those are support forces from outside powers. Force them apart and destroy them

From this ambush, he could tell that the enemy had planned this for a long time. It was difficult for them to just rush out.

Finally, Huang Yize entered the main control vehicle and started to personally give instructions so that they could retaliate.

Bullets rained, and gunshots rang. Huang Yize drove the car in focus, and with enough acceleration, it swerved left and right, breaking the enemies formation to facilitate his subordinates breaking of their defenses.

Without knowing how long had passed, reinforcements from the Black Dragon Gang arrived, and the battlefield became more chaotic

Huang Yizes elbow was injured in the process, and he was sent to the hospital at the headquarters.

No matter how painful it was, the only difference one could see was the change in his breathing rate.

As per his usual self, he insisted on not using an anasthetic. Even if cold sweat was forming on his forehead, he refused to make a single sound.

Huang Yize remembered his cell phone and Yun Bilu. Before entering the operating room, he had to call that girl, or else she would let her thoughts run wild again.

He quickly got his subordinate to get a cell phone.

With one hand, Huang Yize keyed in the number that he had long memorized and dialed. Yun Bilu answered the call immediately.

Hello, Huang Yize, how are you? Are you okay? Quick, talk to me! Let me hear your voice

Hearing Yun Bilus anxious voice, Huang Yizes brows, which was frowning, finally relaxed. Indeed, he made her worry.

He pursed his lips before saying, Bilu, Im fine.