Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 Deciding To Tell Her His Identity

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Huang Yize could imagine what Yun Bilu had to go through since he hung up the phone. After all, he noticed the tremble in her voice.

That was why he wanted to inform her that he was fine.

Yun Bilu hated to cry, but hearing him say that he was okay brought her to the verge of tears. Huang Yize, youre an awful person. How can you let yourself meet such dangers?

Bilu, dont worry. Nothing will happen to me.

Huang Yize, tell me. Why do they call you Young Master? Why are you riddled with so many things? Why are you always in dangerous situations?

Yun Bilu had too many doubts. She managed to hold it down in the past, but the worry she felt this time made in unbearable. She wanted to know, so she had to ask.

Huang Yize pursed his lips as his expression shifted. He did not know where to start.

Hearing his lack of reply, Yun Bilu said plainly, Huang Yize, if you do not wish to tell me, then dont!

However, this sentence was tinged with her disappointment.

Huang Yize knew that if he continued to keep it from her, it would truly hurt her, and by then, he would have no chance of making it up to her. He sighed before saying, Ill tell you in person when I go back to school before the winter vacation, okay?

Okay, you cannot go back on your words.

Huang Yize agreed. I wont.

Yun Bilu knew that Huang Yize always kept his word.

Alright, go and settle your things. We will talk when youre back. Yun Bilu knew that as a young master, he must have a lot of things to settle, especially since the situation was still precarious. Things like meeting his subordinates to decide on plans naturally had to be done

Huang Yize felt comforted at how mature Yun Bilu was. She knew what was the most important, and even if she wanted to talk more, she would hold back.


After Huang Yize hung up the call, he entered the operating room so that they could remove the bullet from his elbow.

In the capital of Country A

Although Yun Bixue was stuck at home because of her leg injury, she still tried her best to gather information and commit it to her memory, especially those that concerned the military.

Moreover, she did not forget to secretly arrange for many things. One of them was about dealing with An Yexuan, while the other involved getting back at Qiao Muwan.

Yun Bixue was not someone they could trample all over. She would torment them bit by bit.

Hearing about An Yexuans ulcers, she arranged for the people she had in the An family to prepare spicier dishes for him.

Qiao Muwans only company, Shi Laifei, was bombed by Yun Bixue. She even handed evidence stating that the company was laundering money to the police.

She believed that Qiao Muwan would become miserable after this.

During university times, although she did not understand Chu Feier, she knew what was most important for her. She was an orphan, so she cared most about things that she had established, like her company. Destroying it would crush her for a long time.

Qiao Muwan was in the shadows, while she was in the light. She could do whatever she wanted to torment Qiao Muwan.

An family

After An Yexuan lost his power, he fell into a state of anxiety. He could sense the strange stares he was getting from people in the An family.

He, who was used to being at the top and who had people trying to curry favor from, could not accept the current situation. How did he become like this?

It was all because of Yun Bixueshe had a hand in all of this.