Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Ridicule

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An Yexuan did not know how he felt about Yun Bixue. Chu Feier was still alive. Did he hate Yun Bixue or not?

He did not know why, but ever since he had been stripped of his authority, Chu Feier did not contact him again.

Furthermore, he had no other forces that could support him to find Chu Feier now.

Today, An Yexuan went to eat as usual and met his cousin from his third uncles family, An Yeteng.

An Yeteng stared at An Yexuan and smiled sinisterly as he said, Yexuan, what happened to your mouth? Tsk tsk. Looks really scary! Why dont you go and buy some medication for it? Oh, I forgot, youre no longer the heir now. If you dont have money, you can come and look for your cousin. I still have money to buy medication for you.

An Yeteng was the eldest among the descendants of the An family that bore the word Ye as the first character in their first names. However, he was born from a third mistress, so he would not be considered as the heir.

He always harbored hatred for this in his heart. In the past, he did not dare to do anything to An Yexuan. But now that An Yexuan lost his status, he definitely had to seize the chance to ridicule him.

An Yexuan clenched his fists as he said, Brother, you should keep it for yourself. I dont need that pittance.

Wow, Yexuan. As your cousin, Im just being nice. You cant really tell whos good to you and whos not.

A man beside An Yeteng ridiculed him as well. He really cant tell the good from the bad. I heard that he treats that evil Chu Feier like a gem and went to plot against the Yun family, even though the Yun family even treated him well before.

Lets go. Lets not lower ourselves to his level, or else it would insult ourselves!

Seeing those two people leave, An Yexuan clenched his fists hard. He got so angry that he slammed his fist against a tree beside him, shaking the tree so hard that countless leaves dropped on the floor.

The high and mighty An Yexuan had never been subject to this kind of bullying. Everyone in the An family had to abide by his wishes in all matters.

An Yeteng, just wait and see! He, An Yexuan, would not let things go just like that.

An Yexuan did not know that the Yun familys men of sacrifice were the main reason why so many people in the An family knew about so many of his little secrets and scandals.

When An Yexuan first offended Yun Bixue, the latter had already tried her best to plant spies from the Yun family into the An family.

After such a long time, the spies had been planted as well. Spreading An Yexuans past deeds secretly so that everyone would know about them.

A few subordinates of the An family were about to walk through this small path. However, once they saw the fuming An Yexuan, all of them purposely took another path.

An Yexuan saw them and immediately grabbed one of them and asked, Why did you guys avoid me after seeing me?

No, no. I suddenly remembered that I had to do something, so I want to go and do it.

An Yexuan grabbed that persons collar and said with a cold glint in his eyes, Whats so urgent that you have to go and change direction?

It was as if the anger in his blood will burst out if the person did not give him a favorable reply.

With An Yexuan grabbing him like this, the person stuttered and said fearfully, I-Its Little Young Master. Master told us to report to Little Young Master.

An Yexuans gaze flickered slightly. He loosened his grip on the person, who immediately scurried off, afraid that if he left a little later, An Yexuan would use him as a punching bag.

Little Young Master was An Yexuans younger brother. His father was preparing to hand over the authority to this younger brother of his.

An Yexuan shook his head and tried his best to calm himself down. He felt that he was becoming more and more hot-tempered recently.

An Yexuan knew that he could not wait any longer. Once the authority was really passed to this younger brother, he might really have no chance of being reinstated.

He brought some gifts and went to look for Majesty Huang once again. He believed that as long as Majesty Huang was willing to put in a word for him, he would be able to secure his status.