Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234 Imposing First Miss

Chapter 1234: Imposing First Miss
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Seeing how Jiang Jingshan was being like, a cold smile curved up on Yun Bixues lips. If it was in the past, she might still handle the issue before her in a roundabout manner.

However, she, Yun Bixue, wanted to be known as a ruthless person now.

Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes and said menacingly, Yun Dong, slap her.

Hearing her First Misss words, Yun Dong immediately got excited. She ran up to Jiang Jingshan and gave her a slap.

Jiang Jingshan clutched her face and pointed at Yun Dong as she stared at her in disbelief. How dare you hit me! Who do you think you are?

The person who hit you!

Jiang Jingshan fell into a fit of rage. She pointed at Yun Bixue and threatened as she said, Yun Bixue, you I am the daughter of the Jiang family. Do you not want to live in the capital anymore?

She was out shopping with a few of her friends today and saw Yun Bixue by coincidence. She just wanted to mock her and put her down, and she did not expect to be slapped. No matter what, she could not take this lying down.

She was utterly embarrassed.

Men, give me

Before Jiang Jingshan could call for her men, Yun Dong had already started giving her a good beating with a glance from Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue stared at Jiang Jingshan calmly. Although she was sitting down and Jiang Jingshan was standing up, Yun Bixue had a certain aura around her, as though she was the queen who reigned above all.

Jiang Jingshan, if you dare to pick a fight with me again, things wouldnt be so simple next time.

Jiang Jingshan clutched her face in pain and said viciously, I am the daughter of the Jiang family. You actually dared to treat me like this? You wont be able to survive in the capital. I will kill you!

Yun Bixue said scornfully, So what if its the Jiang family? If you want to challenge me, come at me if you can. If you want to kill me, lets see if youre capable enough first.

As Yun Bixue said that, a cold smile curved up on her lips as she said, You better pray hard that I wont find out about how you colluded with Xu Miaodan to harm my grandfather. I wont let anyone whos involved get away with this.

Jiang Jingshan did not know why, but she unconsciously took a few steps back under Yun Bixues piercing cold glare. She shuddered involuntarily as well.

She was the proud and arrogant Miss Jiang. However, she did not have the same murderous and callous aura as Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue maintained her cold smile. She glanced at the women standing behind Jiang Jingshan casually.

Did they think she did not know? Someone had actually sowed discord in this matter. She noted those few ladies in her mind as well.

Yun Bixue said in a loud voice, Yun Dong, lets go. If anyone dares to pick a fight with us next time, rip her mouth apart and disfigure their faces. If they still talk about my legs, then break their legs. Lets see who still dares to ridicule me.

Yun Dong was excited and proud. She loved such an imposing side to First Miss. Yes, First Miss. Dont worry, even if I die, I will drag some of them with me to be my backrest.

Okay, good thinking!

Hearing Yun Bixue and Yun Dongs words, Jiang Jingshan and her friends felt a chillness rising from the soles of their feet. This Yun Bixue was too savage.

Seeing Yun Bixue and Yun Dong left, those few ladies then hurried over to Jiang Jingshans side and asked, Jingshan, are you alright? Shes Yun Bixue? Shes so savage.

Exactly. She thinks the capital is her home? She has no power or status, yet she still belittles you.

This is an insult to the Jiang family!

What kind of families are we from? Why should we let a country girl who came out of nowhere bully us?

Just a dog in the manger. How can the Minister for State Affairs be hers?

Jiang Jingshan screamed, I wont let her off!

She hated Yun Bixue right from the start. She had no reason not to let her off even more so now.