Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236 An Imposing Person?

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Hearing Miao Zifus words, Yun Bixue had a lot of doubts herself. However, she thought for a long while before she said, Zifu, focus your energy on Qiao Muwan first. Leave her backer aside for now. Its difficult to tell whether that person is good or bad. If its an enemy, he will surely reveal himself one day as we deal with Qiao Muwan.

Miao Zifu sighed. Bixue, youre still the smarter one. My thinking totally cant match up to you.

Yun Bixue merely smiled. I went through a lot, so I learned to think more about things. You should be more careful there in Country F.

Alright. Bixue, you should take care of yourself in the capital too. There are many rumors about the capital as well. I think there are a lot of undercurrents going on there.

A light flashed across Yun Bixues eyes as she said seriously, Zifu, even if there are rumors abound, I still want to make a mark in the capital.

When Jiang Jingshan returned home, she returned in a fit of anger and immediately rushed towards the main residence.

First Miss, what Everyone saw the palm print on her face and got a shock.

Jiang Jingshan was fuming at the top of her head right now. She lashed out, saying, What are you staring at? Move!

Jiang Jingshan did not care about anyone. She just headed straight for the main residence.

A few servants saw and started whispering among themselves. Did First Miss get beaten up?


Who would dare to hit our First Miss here in the capital? Isnt this going against the Jiang family? Do they not want to live anymore?

Could it be that some imposing person came to the capital?

Jiang Jingshan walked into the house and said loudly, Dad, you have to stand up for me this time and help me seek revenge.

Father Jiang stared at his own daughter and frowned. What happened to you?

Under her fathers gaze, Jiang Jingshan gritted her teeth and said, Dad, I got beaten up.

Father Jiang stood up and walked up to Jiang Jingshan. He looked at both sides of her face and said, How can someone beat you up like this? Who dared to beat someone from our Jiang family?

Dad, its Yun Bixue. Its her, that hillbilly Yun Bixue who came from Ning An City. Shes the one who hit me. Dad, I must definitely seek revenge. Kill her!

Father Jiang narrowed his small eyes dangerously. He said in deep thought, Theres no such person amongst the royal families in the capital. She cannot possibly be a member of the imperial family either.

Dad, I already said, shes Yun Bixue. Her name is not well-known here, but shes way too savage. I cant take this lying down no matter what. She made me lose face in front of my friends. I want to kill her. As Jiang Jingshan said that, her eyes brimmed with evil hatred.

Although Father Jiang was enraged, he still considered the big picture first. He needed to think first to see if there was anything impressive about this Yun Bixue, and whether the Jiang family could do anything to her now.

Dad, I already said she came from an unknown place. What are you worried about? With the capabilities and power of the Jiang family, we can easily kill her.

Father Jiang looked at Jiang Jingshan and said, Do you want to punish her and vent your anger, or do you want to kill her secretly and make people suspect you for it?

Hearing her fathers words, Jiang Jingshan suddenly got inspired. He was right. She could not kill her now. Dad, I want to teach her a lesson and vent my anger.

Okay. Find a time to vent your anger, but dont take things too far.

Yes! With her fathers approval, Jiang Jingshan could make her move without fear at all.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye. After confirmation by the team of gold-medal doctors, the cast on Yun Bixues leg could finally be removed.

Xie Limo sat beside Yun Bixue and held her hand as he said in a gentle voice, With me by your side, your leg will be fine.

Yun Bixue felt the warmth and energy from Xie Limos hand and gave him a warm smile in return.