Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Considerate

Yun Bixue suddenly covered her face with the blankets. Sob... She did not want to face anyone. Her mother-in-law, Ji Qiongxin, must have learned about everything. How could she still leave the bedroom later? Sob...

Yun Bixue had not realized that aside from her usual calm demeanor, she only revealed the dainty side of herself in front of Xie Limo. She only felt shy and embarrassed before him.

Xie Limo watched Yun Bixue changed from her original comfortable state to covering herself with the blankets. He leaned forward, attempting to gently remove the blankets that Yun Bixue clung onto. "What happened?"

"Sob... How can I still face anyone? Aunty knows everything." Just thinking about it made her feel embarrassed.

Hearing the muffled whines coming from beneath the blankets, Xie Limo laughed abruptly. This episode had been arranged by his mother, but from her expression, it seemed that she had not realized it.

Xie Limo coaxed tenderly, "It's okay. Nobody knows, and nobody can tease you. Be good. Get up first, it won't be comfortable if you're covered under the blankets."

The more gentle Xie Limo was, the more stubborn Yun Bixue became. "No, I am not going out."

"When Mother returns later, I will inform her that you are still sleeping."

Yun Bixue tore out of the blankets suddenly. "Please don't." That way, it would leave a bad impression of herself. She would look so lazy, snoozing even after eight o'clock.

Xie Limo lightly touched her reddened cheeks. They were like ripe apples and had such a pretty vibrant red color. They had bloomed just for him. Xie Limo lowered his head and kissed her cheeks. He said softly, "Okay, I won't tell. Last night had been tiring. Go take a bath first and breakfast will be ready in a while."

Yun Bixue only just noticed Xie Limo's attirethey were clean and comfortable home clothes, and they emitted an refreshing aura. "You have already taken a bath?"

"Yes. I was afraid of rousing you in the morning and went to bathe in the bathroom downstairs." After his bath, he had returned to accompany her. He knew that his wife had been hurt before and suffered from a lack of sense of security. He hence sat by the bed, hoping that the first thing she saw would be him when she awoke, and would not let her imagination run wild.

Yun Bixue would never learn of his considerations for her. Looking at the care and love in his eyes, her heart started to feel warm again. She had always been grateful to be able to meet Xie Limo. She had never dreamed that she could ever enjoy such a sweet and warm day, but now she had. She would hence firmly hold onto everything.

"I want to prepare breakfast for Aunty. I have already treated her as my mother deep down."

Xie Limo lowered his head and kissed Yun Bixue's lips. Noticing the marks on her collarbone, his gaze turned intoxicating. "Yes, I know. There will be many more chances in future. I will carry you to the bathroom first." After he spoke, he reached out to hoist Yun Bixue out from the blankets.

"I can do it myself." She was undressed, and if he were to carry her in that state, last night's event would repeat again.

Xie Limo laughed softly. "Enough, I have already seen everything last night. Moreover, are you sure you can walk by yourself now?"

Ultimately, Yun Bixue could only give in to Xie Limo's gentle embrace as he carried her into the bathroom. She flatly refused to allow Xie Limo to help her shower. She was not that weak, and was definitely not fragile.

After Yun Bixue took a hot bath, her body had relaxed and she felt comfortable. The soreness she felt had also reduced by half. Putting on her clothes, she went downstairs. Xie Limo had already prepared breakfast and had warmed up a glass of milk for her.

Looking at the scrumptious breakfast on the table, Yun Bixue was puzzled. "Are these edible?"

At that moment, Ji Qiongxin had exited the kitchen and chirped, "These are nutritious. Some had been prepared personally by Limo. Eat more, you are too skinny. That child is not adequate at expressing his thoughts. Rather than saying he feels bad for his wife, he instead indirectly said that he would prepare more food for his wife. As his mother, I really cannot comprehend his thoughts. Come, Bixue. Sit down and eat."