Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 126

Chapter 126: She is His Weak Spot

Yun Bixue watched Ji Qiongxin's vibrant smile and felt rather guilty. "Aunty, I have inconvenienced you. I should have been the one getting up and preparing breakfast."

"What are you talking about? I had nothing to do anyway. I am glad to be able to prepare food for you." Ji Qiongxin was not that particular, and she did not bear any grudges in her heart. As long as her family was contented, she would feel glad.

Xie Limo supported Yun Bixue to sit down, and passed the pair of chopsticks into her hands. "Eat more, these were all prepared for you."

Yun Bixue lowered her head and lightly stomped on his feet. Did he see her as a pig? Why did he ask her to eat more? However, she could not refute at all in front of Ji Qiongxin.

Nonetheless, she took a look at the spread on the table, then met Xie Limo's gentle gaze and her mother-in-lawJi Qiongxin'slook of concern. She recalled all her past experiences and her eyes welled up in tears. She genuinely cherished her present, and was exceptionally grateful for Xie Limo. It was him who had given her everything that she had now.

Her tears glistened incessantly.

"Why are you just holding your chopsticks? Quick, take a bite. Although these eggs are nothing novel, you should eat them everyday. Limo mentioned that you dislike oily food, so I prepared eggs hard-boiled in tea."

Yun Bixue nodded and before she could reach out to take it, Xie Limo's hands were one step ahead of her. "It's too hot, as I just took it out from the pot. Let me peel it for you."

Although Xie Limo had always taken good care of her on the usual days when he was at home, Ji Qiongxin was now in front of them. She looked at Ji Qiongxin awkwardly and in embarrassment, and realized she had her head lowered while enjoying her congee. She seemed to not have found it unusual.

After Xie Limo peeled an egg, he passed it to Yun Bixue. It all seemed natural, and his actions were highly elegant.

Sometimes, Yun Bixue felt that regardless of what Xie Limo did, it would appear pleasing to the eyes.

Ji Qiongxin watched the scene and felt pleased. "Bixue, you can feel relaxed regardless of what happens in the future. With Limo around, the sky will not collapse."

Ji Qiongxin's words carried another meaning; she was implying her confidence in the Xie family.

Xie Limo knew his mother well and instinctively knew that she could have learned something new this morning. "Mother, did you meet someone, or did something happen when you stepped out to buy your things?"

"According to the morning news, the Shen and Jia families are in conflict, and it is creating a huge commotion. The news reported that the Shen family had once sent someone to kill Bixue, and they had been in cahoots to deal with you right at the beginning." As the matriarch of the Xie family, her wits were unparalleled. With just the slightest clues, she could simply decipher the entire situation.

However, Ji Qiongxin was also resolute. Even if she knew of such matters, she still would not bat an eyelid. She had already completely let go of such matters since Limo was young, and allowed him to mature individually.

Moreover, the Shen and Jia families' existence were like an ant'sthey were simply insignificant to the Xie family.

"Mother, you do not need to fret. I know what to do regarding that matter." As he spoke, his eyes shone with a glimpse of menace. The worst mistake that the Shen family committed was to join Old Lady Shen in tackling Yun Bixue at the start.

Hence, the Shen family would be annihilated no matter what. He now offered the Shen family a chance to bounce back, but it was also to blow up the matter even more. It also served to send a warning signal to the other influential families, urging them to stop plotting against his wife.

To Xie Limo, Yun Bixue was his weak spot. Harming her would result in their own demise.

Although the two families were in heated animosity and had become a laughing stock to the entire Ning An City, the other influential families could not help but reevaluate the capabilities of their ruler as they watched from the sidelines.

During this period of time, all the schemes of the influential families had been defeated. The union of Xie Limo and Yun Bixue was simply overwhelming. The means adopted by the married couple truly caught their opponents off-guard.