Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 129

Chapter 129: The Glorious Mother-in-law

Before she could respond, Su Lengxian was slapped out of her wits. She could only feel an incessant ringing in her ear, and the taste of blood in her mouth.

Meng Xinyan watched from the side, and her mouth gaped open from shock. Who was this woman, and why are her skills so remarkable?

Yun Bixue was startled too. Her eyes brightened, and her respect towards her mother-in-law swelled. She looked so amazing! She never knew her mother-in-law possessed such impressive martial arts skills.

After delivering the slap, Ji Qiongxin retrieved a handkerchief from her sleeves and wiped her hands. She then threw it away, her movements looking elegant. "Who do you think you are, to have the cheek to be impudent in front of me? You even dared to yell at my daughter-in-law. The next time this happens, I won't slap you. I'll take your life!"

Ji Qiongxin's words were laden with biting iciness. Her aura appeared even more imposing, making one tremble with fear.

Su Lengxian was muddle-headed after receiving the slap. As Meng Xinyan listened to those words, her body started breaking out into a cold sweat. Especially when Ji Qiongxin's gaze swept over hershe shuddered in panic.

At that moment, she felt a profound fear in her heart. Her legs felt as if they were tied down, and she didn't dare to make a move. She had provoked Su Lengxian earlier on and had her transfer her anger towards Yun Bixue.

What did she say just now? Is this beautiful and commanding woman Yun Bixue's mother-in-law? Mother-in-law? This woman?

Meng Xinyan's mind was unable to process everything, and she looked at Yun Bixue with jealousy.

Even Su Lenghan's mother had never treated her that well.

"Aunty, people like that aren't worth lifting a finger for." Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes slightly as a dangerous glint flashed through them. After what happened to Su Lengxian, she still dared to run amok in public. It seemed like the issue hadn't impacted her enough; she must go back and step up her schemes.

Ji Qiongxin nodded. "Indeed, they're not worthy of my interference. My hands are dirty now, so I should wash them properly later. I foresee that I'll have to scrub off a layer of skin."

The two of them were about to walk off when Su Lengxian snapped out of her shock. She flew into a rage. "Ahh...! Ahh...! Who do you think you are that you dare to hit me?"

Pak! Pak! A series of slapping sounds rang out again. This time, Su Lengxian's face was swollen.

"Your mouth is so filthy. It's been a long time since I flexed my muscles. For an idiot to send herself right to my doorstep, she's just asking for it!" Ji Qiongxin had no qualms about her actionsthe Xie family was powerful, and she was also a matriarch who had never suffered a hint of wrongdoing. Everyone treated her with the utmost respect, and even those old farts in the family had to bow to her whenever they met.

She could never allow such an insignificant figure to push her around.

After slapping her, Ji Qiongxin performed a shoulder throw and slammed Su Lengxian onto the ground. This time, Su Lengxian actually spat out a mouthful of blood and a tooth.

Meng Xinyan observed all this and nearly passed out. She had never before witnessed such a violent scene!

It was terrifying!

Afterward, Ji Qiongxin looked condescendingly at Su Lengxian who was groaning in pain. "Such an idiot. You're just being exploited, yet you still don't realize it. Did you see that? That ugly woman has been manipulating you to make you deal with us. Ultimately, she sees you as a joke, and you'll only be beaten up eventually. Do you understand?"

Although Su Lengxian was lying on the ground in pain, she still saw Meng Xinyan in perfect condition. That's right, she had looked for Meng Xinyan to interrogate her earlier, but her every word had been refuted. Meng Xinyan had even intentionally brought back matters of the past, and also how she'd been caught with Zhou Yang by the reporters. Meng Xinyan had suggested that it was all likely linked to Yun Bixue. She wasn't clear why, but her anger grew uncontrollable at that instant.

As she thought of this, Su Lengxian gazed at Meng Xinyan with a look full of deep hatred.