Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Do You Dare to Marry Me?

"Dear Mother, your son is doing this for your good. The legacy of the Xie family has taught us over the past thousands of years that the ruler's mother should never interfere with official matters." Xie Limo grinned as he explained, showering his mother with warmth.

"You are just teasing me. Okay, I am confident that my son will beat all odds. I'm only worried about you being all alone. You have already turned 30, and it's time to build a family. I have also heard about the past happenings. Forget the bygones; you shouldn't ruminate over them all your life. It's not worth it. I also experienced this. Our Xie family does not need to gain affiliations through marriage, neither do I agree with it. You only live once, live for yourself. You should marry a lady who is kind and cares for you. I trust your judgment."

The woman on the phone had an endless stream of words to relay; this was a worried and anxious mom, caring for her son.

"My dear Mother, you have never seen her before, how would you know if she were appropriate?" Xie Limo raised his brows. He always felt at ease chatting with his mother.

"Child, the key to marriage is knowing that she is suitable for yourself and that you adore her. Ultimately, the one who will accompany you throughout your life is your wife and not your parents. Your father and I support each other because we both understand that we will grow old together and can rely on each other. Regarding your other half, as parents, we can only offer advice. Since my son is so outstanding, the girl he lays his eyes on must be remarkable too. As long as you are fond of her, I will be too. Your father won't have any objections either."

Once Yun Bixue made up her mind, she slipped on her jacket and picked up the keys. Arriving at the parking lot, she drove off in her beat-up car. Stepping furiously on the accelerator, she tore through the streets and reached Luxury Emperor in no time.

After arriving, she had no hesitation and bought the latest newspaper from a roadside vendor before making a beeline for the presidential suite where she left in the morning.

Seeing the door shut, Yun Bixue was anxious and uneasy. She feared that he might have already left and that she would not have the courage to speak honestly from the bottom of her heart anymore if she returned for him another day.

Hence, she prayed in her heart. He has to be inside.

"Knock knock knock..." The eager knocking on the door sounded. Xie Limo's intricate eyebrows knitted slightly as he moved the remote control in his hands. The door opened slowly.

Yun Bixue stood by the door looking quietly at Xie Limo sitting in front of her; her elegant eyes were pure and brilliant like starlight.

She inhaled deeply then marched toward Xie Limo, placing the newspaper before him as she challenged, "Xie Limo, I will marry you. Do you dare to marry me?"

After speaking, Yun Bixue stared widely at Xie Limo, as if attempting to capture his every change in expressions and emotions.

It was a pity he was sitting down. All she could see was his striking face and his long lashes that concealed the shine coming from within his eyes.

Since she was done with her words, Yun Bixue did not allow herself to escape.

After some time, as her courage and zeal slowly dwindled, he finally lifted his head slightly. It showed his pair of intoxicating eyes, which could seemingly warm her entire heart instantaneously. "Let's go to the Bureau of Civil Administration to register. Trust me, future Mrs. Xie, I will not let you regret this."

With that declaration, Yun Bixue's sunken heart floated up once again. She flashed her most genuine radiant smile; it was a sweet contagious smile.

Right at the moment when she was in greatest despair, it was him who offered warmth and hope. "Young Master Xie, I will be a good wife and I will not make you regret your decision today."

As of now, her heart felt light. She finally understood the old proverbhaving gone through all hardships, success awaits at the very last moment.