Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Worse than Pretentious and Hypocritical

Meng Xinyaneverything that happened to her thus far was truly because of Meng Xinyan.

At that point in time, the badly battered Su Lengxian calmed down and wised up. She recalled how the plot to send the drunk Yun Bixue into a stranger's room had also been initiated by Meng Xinyan. Yun Bixue had been fortunate enough that the workers had sent her to the wrong room. This strange combination of circumstances had paved the way for Xie Limo and Yun Bixue's relationship.

Meng Xinyan must have known that her brother doted on her, and had therefore pulled some tricks to let the reporters uncover her night at Luxury Emperor. As a result of this incident, she fell from grace, ruining her status as the elegant daughter of the Su family. Moreover, right after she returned home, she had witnessed Meng Xinyan climbing into her brother's bed...

She had been confused. Her initial intentions were to look for Meng Xinyan but instead had been provoked by her stream of words. In the end, the one who got fooled was still her, and Meng Xinyan had watched her gloatingly.

Undoubtedly, Meng Xinyan's eyes were actually beaming with fear, but to Su Lengxian, they appeared to be filled with glee. Furthermore, even after being slapped, Meng Xinyan had yet to offer her a helping hand.

As a matter of fact, Ji Qiongxin usually disdained from dealing with such lowly individuals. They were simply not formidable foes. In addition, it was obvious from a glance that Su Lengxian was a simple-minded idiot, and just a few words could bring her down.

This was just to give Meng Xinyan a taste of her own medicine.

After Meng Xinyan heard what this terrifying woman had just said, she met Su Lengxian's eyes that were brimming with hatred. She almost felt the urge to flee.

Yun Bixue nearly hugged Ji Qiongxin in the midst of her excitement. Her mother-in-law was amazingshe had been so domineering and cool. She really liked it!

"Aunty, does your hand hurt?" The only thing that Yun Bixue worried about was that her mother-in-law's hand was hurt after stepping in just now.

This particular show of concern from Yun Bixue almost made Su Lengxian pass out from fury. She had actually asked after the well-being of the perpetrator!

"No, it doesn't hurt. Don't worry. It's been a long time since I hit someone, so it felt quite enjoyable to move and stretch my muscles. However, if there are others who still try to jump forward, I can continue to fight back." Ji Qiongxin hinted heavily with her words, and she swept a subtle gaze over at Meng Xinyan.

Meng Xinyan shuddered several times. This time, she really took off and simply abandoned Su Lengxian on the ground.

Just as Yun Bixue and Ji Qiongxin were about to leave, Yun Bixue looked back. Su Lengxian had already fainted and was lying unconscious on the ground, with no one batting an eyelid.

Yun Bixue and Ji Qiongxin continued shopping happily. The episode that had transpired had instead served as a catalyst for the couple's relationship.

Ji Qiongxin spoke to Yun Bixue sincerely, "Bixue, are the citizens of Ning An City all blind? How could such a person become the best debutante? Tsk tsk, she's not even worthy of bringing you your shoes."

"Aunty, you flatter me! But then again, I never did like her."

"That sort of person only knows how to pretend. Isn't it trendy to describe someone as pretentious and hypocritical nowadays? I think that even using those words to describe that Meng-something would only taint their definitions."

Yun Bixue listened to her mother-in-law defending her, and her heart felt exceptionally at peace. Her mother-in-law matched her perfectly, and she was skillful at seeing through people.

"Aunty, how could you tell what kind of person she was just from one look?" Regarding that aspect, Yun Bixue was truly in awe. She would need to hone herself for years to achieve such precise perception skills. If only she had possessed such an ability from the start, she wouldn't have believed Miao Zifu and Chu Fei'er, and perhaps An Yexuan and her would...?

No, no. With such thoughts coming to mind, Yun Bixue hurriedly shook her head. Regardless of who it was, none of them could match up to Xie Limo in her eyes.

Unknowingly, his gentleness and warmth had certainly healed all the wounds in her heart.