Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 132

Chapter 132: The Bitterness in His Heart

From where Yun Bixue stood, she could clearly discern their behavior through the glass windows of the car. Yun Mengshi's bashful expression matched well with Su Lenghan's elegant appearance; people not in the know would even mistake the two of them as a couple!

It was such a pity that Su Lenghan's fiance had fled and his sister had collapsed in the mall. If the reporters caught wind of this, she predicted that they would have more materials to report on again.

In recent days, she had grown increasingly disappointed with Su Lenghan. She failed to comprehend how she had fallen for someone like him in the past. Was it because of the marriage arrangement between the two of them, or was it due to his gentle nature? Perhaps it had been neither. Back then, she had harbored sorrow within her heart and had desired to find a place she could belong to and call home.

At that moment, Yun Bixue only felt relieved. Perhaps she'd never had much affection towards Su Lenghan in the first place. She'd only felt that way because it was natural and she had grown used to it.

Her lips curved up into a self-mocking smile, and she no longer looked inside the car. She turned away, but just as she did so, a flash of light suddenly shone. A glint of danger flashed across her eyes, and she instinctively followed the source of the flash. She discovered several people stealthily snapping pictures behind the glass windows. She didn't know if they were reporters or merely normal citizens, or they could even be the paparazzi. Regardless of their identities, once this piece of news was releasedeven if it was only published onlineit would surely cause an uproar.

Right then, Su Lenghan must have noticed someone secretly taking pictures of them inside the car, and his expression froze instantaneously. He straightened up and walked out, with Yun Mengshi hurrying out and nestling up against him, as if afraid that other people might not be aware that they were together. Such an idiot.

Sure enough, once the couple appeared, the people surrounding them started snapping away wildly.

Su Lenghan had wanted to stop them, but after noticing Yun Bixue from afar, his expression turned cold, and his eyes flickered intermittently.

Yun Bixue's gaze had initially met his, but suddenly she noticed Xie Limo's car, and she switched her focus solely on the car slowly pulling up towards her. Her eyes emitted a look of gentle affectionit was a side to her that Su Lenghan had never seen before.

Yun Bixue had forgotten about the couple that she had just seen. She focused her attention solely on Xie Limo. She had missed him after not seeing him for a day. Perhaps it was because of their consummation, but Yun Bixue's fondness towards Xie Limo had grown even deeper.

Xie Limo opened the car door and received the shopping bags from Ji Qiongxin's and Yun Bixue's hands. He placed them in the trunk, and both ladies quickly got in the car.

Su Lenghan watched as this peaceful and wonderful scene unfolded. He could only feel it penetrating through him, piercing his eyes and making his heart bitter.

Yun Mengshi seemingly had impaired judgment. She saw Xie Limo's silhouette and felt her heart start to thump rapidly. That was Young Master Xie! It was the Young Master Xie who had constantly appeared in her dreams.

"Lenghan, that was my older sister right? She was together with Young Master Xie." Yun Mengshi's words sounded rather envious and dreamy, and it made Su Lenghan snap out of his daze instantly.

Su Lenghan watched the surrounding onlookers as they took their pictures, and he yelled, "Whoever doesn't leave their phones and cameras behind and plans on releasing those photos, there will no longer be a place for you in Ning An City after today."

As a result of the incessant exposs by the reporters, the Su family were already the center of societal attention. Being the scion of the Su family, he naturally had to be swift and strict in his actions. He couldn't allow the reporters to repeatedly incite trouble. There had already been a couple of incidents, and they couldn't afford a third one. This was his final straw.

Just as Su Lenghan completed his sentence, four bodyguards appeared and encircled the surrounding crowd. They forced the onlookers to leave their phones and camera films behind, before allowing them to take their leave.

However, Su Lengxian never considered that shortly after, the news that made the headlines would still be related to the Su family. This time, it involved his fiance and his younger sister. There was a photo accompanying the news, and it was of his sister, Su Lengxian, who was passed out on the ground.