Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Discussing about Young Master Su and His Woman

Based on various kinds of assumptions, everyone began to make their own theories on how Young Master Su's younger sister had passed out on the groundand even had a trace of blood beside heryet his fiance was nowhere to be seen. Two photos had been published. In the first, the two of them were obviously in a heated debate, but there was only one person left collapsed on the ground in the second photo.

"What kind of top debutante is this? She's a disgrace to Ning An City! Her heart is so malicious that she even left her future sister-in-law lying passed out on the ground."

"To me, that second daughter of the Meng family is two-faced. She might be the reason Miss Su ended up like that in the first place."

"Ah... How could that be?"

"Think about it. Who knew in the past that Meng Xinyan was the second daughter of the Meng family? I've heard that she has an elder sister, Meng Xintong, who is the true eldest daughter of the family. It was Meng Xinyan and her mother who seized that position..."

"Such a story! No wonder we have to address her as the second daughter of the Meng family nowadays. So she still had an elder sister."

"I still remember how she insisted that she was the only daughter in the Meng family when she accepted the reporters' interview. She pretended to be perfect back then but thinking about it now, it just sounds revolting."

"Well, a pretentious b*tch will always be a pretentious b*tch. How decent can a daughter from an affair be? They're the same deep down in their bonesdeceitful and cunning. You've all been fooled by her appearance in the past."


Recently, the reporters of Ning An City had the support of the newly appointed rulerYoung Master Xieand so they dared to flagrantly expose any news relating to the Meng and Su family. Thus, all the scandals relating to the Meng family would end up revealed from the smallest of clues. Everyone attempted to take a shot at their own interpretations.

The news this time around was sufficiently mind-boggling. It pushed Meng Xinyan towards a negative light, and the impact was detrimental to her reputation. The image that she had built up and sustained over the years had almost been ruined from all the public speculations and criticisms.

In a bookshop, a woman was reading a newspaper, and she overheard the discussion of the people around her. Putting on her sunglasses, she left. She was the eldest daughter of the Meng family, Meng Xintong.

After leaving the bookshop, she said to no one, "Thank you, Yun Bixue." It was precisely because she got acquainted with Yun Bixue that she found the courage and strength to fight for herself. Now, she was reclaiming what belonged to her bit by bit.

In recent times, she had been on the radar of the citizens, and Chen Pei no longer dared to willfully arrange her marriage. Many had learned that Chen Pei gained her status through an extra-marital affair, and she feared being reduced to having a wicked image.

As long as she had sufficient time, she would be able to oust both the pretentious mother and daughter. Like Miss Yun had said, she had no place to retreat. For all her loved ones, she could only move forward.

The newspaper reports focusing on Meng Xinyan and Su Lengxian suddenly sparked off everyone's imagination regarding the relationship between the Meng and Su families. Someone even seized the opportunity and wrote an article titled "Discussing Young Master Su and His Three Women", investigating the relationship between Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan, Su Lengxian, and Yun Mengshi.

Although the photos from that day had been deleted, it didn't stop everyone from making groundless accusations based on the evidence told by word of mouth.

It was needless to say how large a commotion that article brought about. Two-thirds of Ning An City were closely perusing that article, and they were all relishing in it. It was as if they were taking the article as a report on serious facts.

In a villa somewhere else, Yun Bixue sat on the couch as she read the article published in the newspapers. She chuckled.

"Bixue, what are you so happy about?"

"Aunty, come and take a look. The author of this article is too talented. That day, we met two of the three women highlighted here, and the other one is the daughter of my youngest uncle. In name, she could be considered my younger sister." The relationship between Ji Qiongxin and Yun Bixue had blossomed, and they were now like mother and daughter. Yun Bixue spoke her mind, and like a family, they trusted and respected each other.