Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 136

Chapter 136: So Many Gifts

Under Xie Limo's care and indulgence, Yun Bixue got dressed, washed up, and had her breakfast.

Ji Qiongxin took out all the gifts that they were going to bring along, and Xie Limo personally moved them into the car. When Yun Bixue noticed the tremendous amount of things to be loaded inside, she was truly flabbergasted.

After she snapped out of her shock, she asked, "Aunty, are we bringing all of these with us?"

"Bixue, these few gifts may not match up to your standards, but Ning An City certainly doesn't offer anything wonderful. If we used an airplane to transport the gifts from our house, it would definitely alert the elders and invite trouble. So you see..." Ji Qiongxin wrung her hands, feeling extremely embarrassed. These gifts were indeed not presentable. No wonder her daughter-in-law appeared somewhat reluctant.

Yun Bixue frantically waved her hands and said, "No, Aunty! I'm definitely not complaining that we have too few gifts! Instead, I feel that this is all too much. We definitely don't need to bring along so many things, do we?" The body of the elongated car was filled to the brim. Any random item retrieved from inside it would be costly, and the thought of that really made her dizzy.

Ji Qiongxin widened her eyes and replied, "Too much? How could this be too much? I think it's simply too little and worried that you'd be unhappy. However, I have instructed others to bring back some gifts from overseas, and I can just top up what we have here when they return." She felt truly ashamed. Such gifts were definitely not acceptable to her Xie family, but her daughter-in-law was indeed kind and forgiving to try and console her.

Ji Qiongxin naturally considered the value of the gifts based on her own judgment, but little did she imagine that they were all too extravagant in Yun Bixue's eyes.

She insisted that there were too many gifts. She wanted to remove some of them since there was no need for so many things. Her grandfather would surely be unable to use all of them. However, Ji Qiongxin maintained her stance and persisted that she knew how it felt to receive too little gifts.

Finally, Yun Bixue was left feeling helpless and couldn't even imagine what kind of household the Xie family was. To her, an astronomical price tag was merely spare change to the members of the Xie family. It was an odd feeling.

After shifting everything around, Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue, who was still in a daze. He walked over and pulled her into a hug and said softly, "Mother has already prepared everything. And also, the more you say that the items are too much, the more guilty she'll feel about how her gifts aren't presentable." As the next heir of the Xie family, he was naturally aware of how his family's household was like. However, his wife couldn't comprehend it, and so he could understand her feelings.

Yun Bixue lightly pinched Xie Limo's waist and whispered, "Did you know about this already?" Her gaze was full of reproach.

Seeing her pout, Xie Limo recalled the times of their passion. His body stiffened, and he let out a wry laugh. He had truly fallen into his wife's clutches. He used to be indifferent, but after meeting her, he became totally powerless. His rationale had long disappeared.

Yun Bixue met Xie Limo's gaze. She felt herself being sucked into his deep and exquisite warmth, and her body softened undetectably. The two of them enjoyed passionate intercourse every night; how could she still not recognize that look in his eyes?

Yun Bixue blushed and hurriedly escaped. She dashed towards Ji Qiongxinwho was in the middle of checking on the giftsand said, "Aunty, let's go."

"Okay, okay. Let's drive and meet your grandfather."

Despite the car silently yet lavishly whisking through the roads, many were still surprised by what they saw. Although extremely low-profile, those knowledgeable about cars would know that this particular one had been manufactured by factories from all over the world. Even the most prestigious families might not have what it took to purchase it. Who could this be? Was he someone that powerful?

In reality, Xie Limo had no intentions to use this car at all. But, since he couldn't stop his mother from preparing too many items, only the elongated body of this car would have the space to fit everything. In addition, this was just another typical car in his mother's eyes, and there was nothing special about it.