Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Blissful Because of Him

Ji Qiongxin noticed Yun Bixue's grandfather coming out and went forward to greet him. "Hello Uncle, I'm Xie Limo's mother, and we've come to visit you today. These gifts may be lacking, but as a mother, I am sincerely fond of that lass, Bixue. Therefore, I'm here to discuss with you about the two children's marriage."

To Yun Bixue's grandfather, Ji Qiongxin's words were full of respect. This was because Xie Limo had informed her beforehand that in the Yun family, only Old Master Yun treated Yun Bixue with sincerity.

Therefore, she had also categorized Old Master Yun as part of her family. Sparing the formalities, she went straight to the point.

Old Master Yun blanked out and then chuckled, "Great, great!" He repeated the word twice in a row, demonstrating how pleased he felt.

Seeing that her grandfather was delighted, Yun Bixue's lips curled up into a smile. It had been a long time since he'd felt such happiness. Limo had given her this moment, and she felt grateful and blessed.

Xie Limo instructed the workers in the garden to help shift the items into the house. Noticing that Yun Bixue had remained motionless, he approached her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. He gently asked, "What happened? Are you feeling sick?"

As he looked down into her eyes that were glistening with tears, his heart grew incredibly soft. "Silly."

Yun Bixue pouted and complained, "Calling me silly again."

"I know you're glad. Don't worry, your grandfather will live healthily to a ripe old age, and he'll also meet someone whom he deserves." As he spoke, his words seemed to be hinting at something else. A trace of light flashed across his exquisite eyes before it instantly disappeared.

Yun Bixue had a sudden realization. "Are you talking about Aunt Zhou?" Previously, when she had visited Grandfather with Xie Limo, she'd thought nothing of it. She always felt that Aunt Zhou's concern for her grandfather was truly sincere, and it allowed her to put her mind at ease.

With Xie Limo's comment, an idea surfaced. If Aunt Zhou really stayed by her grandfather's side, she would naturally be happy as his granddaughter. Ever since her blood-related grandmother had passed away, her grandfather's heart had turned cold. For the sake of his family, he had no choice but to marry the daughter of the Shen family, who was Old Lady Shen. Since then, he had never enjoyed himself in any activity and placed all his focus on her and the Yun family.

"Very smart. However, we cannot interfere nor influence the two of them. Their relationship is between them. Remember that age doesn't matter."

Waves of emotions flowed through Yun Bixue's heart as it lifted and sank. It was somehow difficult to pictureGrandfather was already more than 70 years old, and Aunt Zhou was over 50. The couple had an age gap of almost 20 years. Could they really end up together?

Keeping the idea in her heart, Yun Bixue appeared stunned. She then tugged on Xie Limo's sleeve and asked, "Limo, did you already plan this out?" It seemed as if Aunt Zhou had also been selected by Xie Limo from the Xie family's wide spectrum of relationships. Aunt Zhou fitted the billshe was down to earth, kind-hearted, and intelligent. It seemed like she had been specially crafted just for Grandfather.

Xie Limo didn't deny it. Smiling gently, he said, "My wife is so smart."

Yun Bixue felt that Xie Limo had done too much for her, yet she didn't know how to return the favor.

"My dear, if you don't know how to make it up to your husband, then just remember to devote yourself to me at night." Xie Limo lowered his head slightly to whisper lightly into Yun Bixue's ear.

His voice was as melodious as an antique zither, and it was just as enthralling. Like a feather, it tickled her heart, which shuddered gently. Yun Bixue's earlobes turned crimson, and she immediately dashed into the house.

Xie Limo watched Yun Bixue's silhouette, his eyes brimming with gentleness and a great deal of indulgence.

When Yun Bixue entered the house, she saw her mother-in-law and her grandfather in a discussion over an unknown topic. The scene appeared warm and joyous. Aunt Zhou also stayed by Grandfather's side and took care of him with genuine sincerity. She would also glance at Grandfather occasionally with a smile on her face.

This image was truly wonderful; she captured it within her heart.