Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Don't Want Her To Suffer Any Wrongs

Ji Qiongxin saw Yun Bixue entering the house and waved happily at her. "Bixue, come here quickly. Your grandfather is telling us stories about your childhood!"

Yun Bixue watched the loving and warm smile spread across Ji Qiongxin's face. The fondness she felt towards her was clearly written in her eyes, and she absentmindedly thought that she was seeing her own mother. She was filled with a warmth as brilliant as the sun; Yun Bixue couldn't help but gravitate towards her.

Her body did indeed follow the instructions of her heart, and she sat by Ji Qiongxin's side.

Ji Qiongxin held her hands and spoke to Old Master Yun, "Uncle, rest assured. We will be one family in the future. I sincerely regard Bixue as my own daughter."

Old Master Yun watched how lovely his granddaughter looked in front of Ji Qiongxin and sighed, "In the blink of an eye, this child has grown up. And now she's together with Limo, that chap. With a mother-in-law like you, I have no worries."

As Yun Bixue listened to her grandfather's words, her eyes stung with tears. In the Yun family, one could say that she and her grandfather depended greatly on each other. This day, her grandfather was feeling happy for her, but why was she feeling bittersweet in her heart? She kept feeling as though she would be leaving him.

Just as her thoughts tumbled within her, Xie Limo entered the room. He whipped out a set of chess from one of the gift boxes in the house and said to Old Master Yun, "Grandfather, after you're done talking to Mother, let me play a game of chess with you."

When Old Master Yun saw that the chess set was entirely made of jade, he shot up to his feet in shock. With just a touch, he could discern that this was the highest grade of jade. Such a chess set was priceless. This kid was indeed decent; he had actually gotten his hands on one.

"Good kid. Simply taking into consideration this chess set, you've certainly been thoughtful. I can thoroughly rest assured and entrust Bixue to you. With matters regarding the marriage, your mother has spoken to me. This old man has no objections."

Xie Limo spoke humbly, "Grandfather, Bixue and I registered for our marriage yet we didn't discuss it with you. I was the one who failed to consider every detail. However, Bixue is a gem deep in my heart, and every formality that she deserves will not be overlooked. Although we registered our marriage first, we will still follow the procedures of an engagement and a wedding ceremony. I don't want her to suffer any wrongs," Xie Limo spoke solemnly and earnestly, as though swearing an oath.

Yun Bixue had never heard Xie Limo speak so sweetly before. However, after hearing what he'd said to her grandfather, her heart trembled uncontrollably. To be fortunate enough to meet him, everything had been worth it.

Afterward, Xie Limo played chess with Grandfather. Aunt Zhou, together with several helpers, kept busy in the kitchen as they prepared the meal. Thus, Yun Bixue and Ji Qiongxin offered a helping hand.

This time, Yun Bixue intentionally tried to get closer to Aunt Zhou. By cooking together and chatting in the kitchen, one's personality could be discovered through many minute details. In addition, every time the topic of Grandfather's past was brought up, Aunt Zhou would reveal a joyful expression.

If any of his past sufferings were mentioned, Aunt Zhou's brows would hold a hint of sympathy and sorrow.

These involuntary actions had all been noticed by Yun Bixue. She inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. The only thing she wasn't sure of was how her grandfather felt.

During the meal, Ji Qiongxin offered a red packet to Yun Bixue. At the same time, in front of the elders, Yun Bixue also changed how she addressed Ji Qiongxin to 'Mother'.


"Sigh... Sigh..." At that moment, Ji Qiongxin felt just like how any other mother would. The feelings in her heart were indescribable, and she only felt like embracing this child before her who called her 'Mother'.

The sweet voice had simply reached the depths of her heart.

Everyone was beyond delighted with this engagement, and the dining table was overflowing with joy and harmony.

Old Master Yun wasn't fond of those trendy and prestigious engagement ceremonies. He found them somewhat off-putting.

On the contrary, he was more comfortable with the current arrangementa low-profile engagement ceremony between two families. This time, he could feel entirely at ease that his granddaughter had finally found a good man.