Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 141

Chapter 141: The Sealing of Shen Family

Yun Bixue listened to his promise and her heart quivered intensely. She had almost no control over the tears that ran down her face. How would she be able to thank him, to repay his kindness. No matter what happened from here onwards, she was contented that she had the chance to hear those words.

Old Master Yun was also extremely pleased with what he had heard. All these years, there wasn't one in which he was as happy as today. "Alright, Kiddo Xie, my daughter has keen eyes to have met you. I will accept your toast."

Xie Limo's unparalleled charming eye shined. Smiling elegantly, he said, "Grandfather, my eyesights are keen too."


As Ji Qiongxin looked on at the scene, she too was overcome with emotions. As a mother, she understood her son well. Although she didn't pay much attention to how they started their relationship, it was clear to them that Limo really treasured Bixue.

She didn't worry about anything right now. But the Xie family was too enormous. They had a long road ahead of them and would need to care and trust each other in time to come. She had worried that the Xie family would be a burden to the two children, but after witnessing their feelings for each other, she was relieved.

In the afternoon, the family started making dumplings. Xie Limo had again been asked by Old Master Yun to play chess. Yun Bixue wasn't sure what her grandfather wanted to tell Xie Limo, so she accompanied her mother-in-law and Aunt Zhou to make dumplings, without help from the servants in the mansion.

"Bixue, your dumplings are beautiful, even more so than those sold in boutique shops." When Ji Qiongxin saw Yun Bixue making dumplings for the first time, she could not help but heap praises on her.

Yun Bixue smiled and explained, "Mum, when I was young, everyone made dumplings when there were occasions. I also wanted to have some, so I secretly learned from the Aunt in the house. Sometimes when there's no one at home, I will make some dumplings for myself too. I had taken the trouble to study some culinary skills as well, this is nothing."

Although Yun Bixue didn't mean to, Ji Qiongxin felt bad for Yun Bixue. This kid really did suffer a lot in the past. She made the decision to make sure that the Xie family would treat this kid well in the future

During dinner time, Ji Qiongxin discussed with Old Master Yun about bringing Xie Limo's father along in subsequent visits. Together, they would pick a suitable day for the two children's wedding.

Old Master Yun agreed.

After finishing the dumplings, Yun Bixue prepared to bid farewell to grandfather and return to her place. However, when she opened the gates of the villa, she was surprised by a few uninvited guests.

The two leading the group were Old Lady Shen and Shen Wenqi.

Shen Wenqi had originally appeared a little slumped and down, but when he saw Old Master Yun, his eyes flashed. Almost disregarding his image, he rushed forward and hugged Old Master Yun. He then knelt down on the floor and cried, "Uncle, please save the Shen family! The Shen family had received summons from the court, and is close to being sequestrated. Our credit cards have been frozen... What should the Shen family do now... Uncle..."

Shen Wenqi's actions shocked everyone at the scene. This was the eldest son of Old Master Shen, the chairman of their company. It was indeed rather sad to see him in such a state.

Yun Bixue's eyes narrowed, and her lips curled coldly. Not everyone was able to know that grandfather was here. Looking at the situation, Old Lady Shen had purposefully arranged such an act. Was she hoping to take grandfather away?

Hmph, Yun Bixue was kind and good tempered towards the kins who loved her. As for this kind of people, she had no problems being ruthless.

The Shen family had been let off easy; only their house was sealed. She still had other plans for them. She wouldn't let anyone who wanted to place Limo in harm off easily.

Old Master Yun also looked at Shen Wenqi with impatience. He shouted sternly, "Hurry and get up. You're a man in his fifties, don't make a scene."