Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Protecting Daughter-In-Law

Although Old Master Yun's words were directed at Shen Wenqi, his gaze was fixed on Old Lady Shen. His gaze was deep and cold.

Old Master Yun was very angry. No one was to ruin the day. He had been too kind to these people in the past, so much so that they dared bullying his granddaughter to such a degree.

Old Lady Shen's heart skipped a beat when Old Master Yun's gaze landed on her, and she felt a sense of unease.

However as she wrapped her head around the situation, she realized that she was perfectly entitled to stand here today as Old Master Yun's official partner.

Shen Wenqi was originally an extremely proud person, even a bit lofty at times. However in recent times, given the blows that Shen family has suffered, he was actually indeed close to falling apart.

It was no use to plead with Old Lady Shen, as she did not yet have the Yun family under her command. Old Master Yun was still alive. At last, after discussing with his aunt, he disregarded everything and came crying for Old Master Yun's help. Old Master Yun was really his last hope.

Old Master Yun didn't want to express his anger on such a joyous day, but he couldn't hold back his anger. He hit Shen Wenqi's body with the cane in his hand, and scolded, "Get up, you're making a scene. What's the use crying? If you continue to cry, I'll have you expelled from this premise."

Shen Wenqi had been immersed in his crying. After being hit and threatened by Old Master Yun, his crying breath was stuck in his throat, and it was difficult to go either way.

Upon seeing Old Master Yun's commanding presence concentrated in his gaze, Old Lady Shen did not dare to meet it. She could only avert her eyes towards Yun Bixue. Under the pretense of a caring tone, she said, "Bixue, so you are here as well. What should I say about you? Hiding your grandfather here. If outsiders learn about this, how would they speak of you? While you don't care for your own reputation..."

"Shut your mouth!" Old Master Yun shouted angrily as Old Lady Shen was getting into her speech. Old Lady Shen was so scared that she took a step back.

All these years, regardless of how discontented he had felt towards her, he had not shouted at her as he just did. Furthermore, it was in the presence of the youngsters. She felt deeply embarrassed.

Yun Bixue's eyes gleamed with a dangerous light, piercing Old Lady Shen like a blade. She was about to utter a few sarcastic remarks.

However, Ji Qiongxin's actions were faster as she jumped forward. She pointed her finger at Old Lady Shen, and started shouting, "Where did this dog come from? Such a shameless dog, she even dares to bark in such a place. You even have the nerve to speak about my daughter-in-law. Who do you think you are? Take a good look at yourself, it's unsightly... Ah, why are you still standing here... Can't you tell that you're not welcomed here? Look at how annoying you are... Stinky old lady... So old, yet you keep running around outside... like you've never seen the world before..."

Ji Qiongxin rattled on, with one hand on her waist, the other pointing at Old Lady Shen. Her sharp gaze bore into Old Lady Shen.

As the lady of Xie family, Ji Qiongxin knew exactly how to deal with all kinds of people. As for this Old Lady Shen today, such scoldings were the most effective.

Old Lady Shen was the daughter of the Shen family's direct bloodline, and was an elder. She had thought of herself as a sly old fox and that no one was a match for her. However, in the eyes of Ji Qiongxin, she was just a small fry.