Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Old Lady Shen Faints

Ji Qiongxin had handled the situation perfectly. By not letting Yun Bixue do anything, she prevented others from having a chance to say anything about Yun Bixue. As for herself, being Yun Bixue's mother-in-law, she had not met with Old Lady Shen before. As a result, she pretended to not know about Old Lady Shen at all, just taking her to be a vile old woman from the streets.

Even if someone told her after the matter, she could respond innocently by saying that she was unaware of the situation. To her, she only saw someone bullying her daughter-in-law, and felt angry. Turns out that all the fault lied with Old Lady Shen instead of her.

As for Old Lady Shen, she had never suffered such humiliation. She was furious and her blood pressure climbed. In the end, her face was flushed and she fainted, falling onto the floor.

Looking at Old Lady Shen faint, Ji Qiongxin pretended to step back weakly. She exclaimed, "Ah, I only said a few things to her, how did she faint?"

Yun Bixue found herself liking this mother-in-law more than ever. She rushed towards Ji Qiongxin and supported her by the arm. Then she said to the onlookers, "Hurry up and send her to the hospital! Old Lady Shen has high blood pressure and rarely steps outside of the house. If she stands for a long time, she'll faint. Don't any of you know about this?"

It was only then that the rest of the crowd realized what had happened. It was true that the elderly frequently suffered from health problems. They didn't dare to wait any longer and rushed her to the hospital in a hurry.

Shen Wenqi was dumbfounded too. What was all this? Aunt had come to support him, why was she now being sent to the hospital?

As he was stupefied by what had happened, Old Master Yun kicked him aside and said, "That's your aunt, and she has health issues. Yet you still bring her outside. With the Shen family as it is now, you wouldn't want others to say that you're unfilial, right? Hurry, go look after her!"

Shen Wenqi left, still unsure of what had happened. When he finally realized what had happened, it was too late. It would be difficult for him to find another opportunity like this. What's more, after this incident, Old Master Yun was sure to be on his guard the next time.

And thus, Yun Bixue was happy for the entire day, while Old Lady Shen had been sent to the hospital. The atmosphere at the Shen family was icy cold.

Old Master Shen's grandson Shen Zhengyao was feeling depressed and gathered a few friends for a meal. After the meal, Shen Zhengyao tried to pay the bill with his credit card, but even after multiple attempts, the card was still rejected.

The stewardess looked at the previously well-off Young Master Shen, and felt a bit impatient. She said, "Young Master Shen, this card of yours has failed too."

Shen Zhengyao grew furious too. "There's still hundreds of thousands of credit on this card, why did it fail? It's the machine that's the problem!" he said, landing a blow on the counter.

Realizing that he was not back, his friends came to check on him. Just as they arrived, they saw him being furious at the stewardess. They hurried to calm him down. "Zhengyao, you're a good-tempered person, and you know how to treat girls well. What's the problem today? Has anyone offended you?"

"That's right, who dares to offend Young Master Shen?"

"Zhengyao, if there's anything, tell us. There's no need to vent your anger at a girl, is there?"


Despite what they were saying, they were actually trying to make a fool of Shen Zhengyao. In the past, the Shen family was on the roster of the wealthiest people in Ning An City. They had to act in accordance with Zhengyao's wishes then. But times had changed, and the Shen family was not what it used to be. It was all reported in the news.

Although Zhengyao still brought up that his sister Yun Bixue was now Young Master Xie's wife, they were not fools. Yun Bixue wasn't on good terms with the Shen family. Additionally, the relationship that Yun Bixue had with Young Master Xie had little to do with the Shen family. To put things bluntly, the Shen family had absolutely no blood ties with Yun Bixue.