Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Young Master Shen Can't Afford The Bill

His friends knew exactly what the Shen family was going through. It was already a godsend that Miss Yun didn't try to harm the Shen family. To hope that Yun Bixue would help the Shen family was a fat hope indeed.

The entire Ning An City knew that one would be a fool to get on the bad side of Miss Yun Bixue. Young Master Xie doted on her like none other. If anyone were to land themselves on her bad side, Young Master Xie would probably punish that person severely as a warning to others.

No matter how you looked at it, his friends were mocking him.

Shen Zhengyao was irritated immensely by the mocking, and he resorted to venting his anger at the cashier. He slammed his fist onto the counter, accusing, "I've told you that your machine is malfunctioning. A couple hundred thousand must be more than enough to pay for the bill. You must be under the impression that the Shen family has fallen from grace, and that anyone can bully us now. You need to remember that a starving camel is still bigger than a horse. Let me see the boss, if you don't want to work here, just quit!"

Although Shen Zhengyao's words were directed at the cashier on the surface, the words were actually directed at his friends. Even if the Shen family had fallen from grace, it would be unwise for them to underestimate him. Their families were still incomparable to the Shen family.

The cashier was frightened to tears. She had only started her job recently, and had no experience with such situations.

His friends didn't like where the situation was going. One of them said, "Let it go Zhengyao, even if you can't pay the bill, don't vent your anger at a woman. It's unbecoming of a man. I'll pay for the meal today."

"That's right, Zhengyao. What you're doing is wrong. If you don't have money, we'll help you. It's just a money problem isn't it? That's easy to resolve!"

"Zhengyao, we have a lot of money amongst us. Money is the least of our troubles, haha..."

"Here, stewardess, use this card. I'll foot the bill!"


The chatter amongst them really kicked Shen Zhengyao's anger into the next gear. In the past, all of them used to curry favor with him, and he had never endured such humiliation before. He disregarded his image and punched the head of one of them.

"Pang!" The scion standing in front fell to the floor.

The others had not quite registered what had happened, and asked, "What the heck, Zhengyao? What are you doing?"

"Zhengyao, you called us here! Don't start hitting people just because you can't afford to pay!"


In a few moments, the scions had teamed up against Shen Zhengyao and had started raining their fists on him. The outnumbered Shen Zhengyao ended up on the ground, beaten severely. If it wasn't for the cashier who had been scared into calling the police, the beating would have probably continued.

Once again, the Shen family ended up on the headlines. The story was that Young Master Shen had started to put the cashier on the spot due to being unable to afford the bills, and the scions, unable to bear his actions, tried to save the casher, which ended up in the fight.

It was finally decided that each person would pay for their own share of the bill. Even so, Shen Zhengyao's portion cost around ten thousand dollars, which he couldn't afford in his present situation.

Old Master Shen's recovery had seen some progress, but an unknown nurse had spilled the beans about Shen Zhengyao's incident. Old Master Shen fainted from anger again as soon as he heard the news. The hospital rushed to save his life.

Yun Bixue received word of the incident from both Yang Mei's report and the news. Her lips curled faintly into a smile. The Shen family had caused all this by themselves. She had no intention of relenting from her plans.

Ji Qiongxin looked at her daughter-in-law, and went up to sit next to her. She said, "Bixue, this is the law of the jungle, it is the natural way of things. We must be ruthless towards our enemies. If there's kindness in your heart, you'll no longer be in the driver's seat. What's more, the Shen family had done many nasty actions in the past, and the citizens of Ning An City are all rejoicing now. You don't need to be troubled over their current plight."