Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Sense Of Loss In His Heart

When Su Lenghan asked the question, his clear elegant eyes were filled with a dark dim light. The darkness was chilling.

Su Lengxian had never seen her brother like this before. In order strip Meng Xinyan's pretense, to have her brother punish Meng Xinyan, to vent her anger, she nodded her head firmly in response. She said, "Brother, everything I've told you is true. You can investigate the matter yourself to verify. In order to set up Yun Bixue, Meng Xinyan had done quite a number of things. Just the ones that I'm aware of are quite a number by themselves. Brother, you must not be fooled by her appearance."

Su Lenghan looked at his sister who appeared quite confident. His gaze dimmed again as he sank into thought for a long while.

Su Lengxian looked at her brother who had fallen silent and continued to push her case. She said, "Brother, Meng Xinyan had her sights set on you since the very beginning, and had planned to steal you from Yun Bixue. That was why she had approached me and collected information about you. Using that information, she set up a few encounters with you, to get you to fall for her. Brother... you must not allow yourself to be fooled by her any longer... Just look at her. Ever since she secured her relationship with you, she started to treat me anyway she pleased. She's so selfish and hypocritical, so much so that she's able to abandon your sister by the roadside..."

After a slight pause, Su Lengxian continued, "Brother, no matter how much she dislikes me, it does not change the fact that I'm a member of the Su family. I represent the Su family. You treat her as a family member, but is that the case for her? Whenever the Su family had been useful to them, they were never shy to ask your for favors. However, when we needed the help from the Meng family, they hid from us. Remember that time the Meng family just stood along the sidelines? Meng Xinyan still dreams of playing up to scions of Tian Jing City... Brother, have you forgotten about all of those things? Brother, the Su family should be the priority of your considerations... You represent the Su family..."

Su Lenghan's gaze remained dim while he listened. Putting down the financial statement, he slumped into the chair. He looked both mentally and physically exhausted. After massaging his temples and his forehead for a moment, he sighed softly, "Lengxian, you're tired, go back early and rest!"

Su Lengxian's voice suddenly raised. She said, "Brother, are you reluctant to part ways with her? You really are protective of her. Yun Bixue treated you so well in the past, but you didn't reciprocate at all. After Yun Bixue, Meng Xinyan took the Su family for granted... That's how you men are, you all think that the one that you can't obtain is the best... " Although Su Lengxian didn't think highly of Yun Bixue, but Meng Xinyan couldn't even match up to a shred of Yun Bixue in her opinion.

Before Meng Xinyan there had been no comparison, so she overlooked just how good Yun Bixue was.

Now that she thought about it, if her brother really had to marry one of them, then she'd much rather that person be Yun Bixue. She was so foolish in the past, and had been fooled by Meng Xinyan's appearance. She must make sure that her brother doesn't make the same mistake as her.

Remembering Yun Bixue, Su Lenghan's gaze softened slightly. However, once he thought about the scene where Yun Bixue and Xie Limo were together, his felt emptiness and loneliness in his heart.

He had to admit that he couldn't match Xie Limo's affection for Yun Bixue. Now that he thought about it, that scene also pained his eyes and heart.

He caressed his chest, and felt a tinge of melancholy and sense of loss. Could it be that he's only remembering her good side after losing her?

He knew that some of the things that his sister had told him could be true. The more time her spent with Meng Xinyan, the more he felt that the happy feeling at the beginning of their relationship seemed like an illusion. There were many times that Meng Xinyan had left him disappointed.

However, he could no longer afford to go back on their relationship. The Su family and the Meng family's interests are now intertwined with the betrothal, so he can't make any decision on a whim.