Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Wedding Certificate Collection

"What are you thinking about? You are so focused." His mesmerizing voice suddenly rang in her ears. A light fragrance lingered at the tip of her nose, enticing her.

Only now she realized that she was in such close proximity to Xie Limo, who was leaning his body toward her.

Looking at his stunning beauty up-close, Yun Bixue felt her heart pounding so fast that it was unbearable. "You..."

"Enough, you didn't even put on your seat belt." After securing her seat belt in place, Xie Limo fastened his own and began to focus on driving.

Yun Bixue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He had only wanted to fasten her seat belt. However, after what had just happened, she now felt that the space in the car was rather small. His smell wafted across her nose tip, and she could not ignore such intense stimulation.

Yun Bixue looked at the person concentrating on driving and quietly rolled down the windows slightly. A cold breeze blew in, making it chilly. Pulling back her hair, she enjoyed the cool winds as though her mind had decluttered.

With the marriage certificate, she could sell the villa her mother had left for her and then her grandfather could undergo surgery. The surgery cost 600,000 yuan, and in addition to that, he might need several days to recover post-surgery. Each day in the hospital would incur a bill of more than 10,000 yuan.

Closing her eyes, the figures of countless individuals flashed through her mind. She felt neither happiness nor anger, and neither reproach nor coldness.

She recalled Su Lenghan and came to a realization, they had been acquainted for a year and in a relationship for the next two, but he had never properly held her hand.

As her lips curled up in a self-mocking manner, she acknowledged that she had lived too feebly in the past. She set her mind that from now on she would grow stronger and take charge of all that she could.

Making this resolution, the look in Yun Bixue's eyes was sharp and cold when she opened them.

Xie Limo continued driving. A while later, he pressed on the control buttons and left only a slit open in her window. "It's cold, I do not want my wife to catch a cold on the first day after collecting the marriage certificate."

Yun Bixue's heart warmed, touched by his tender care. Perhaps it was because she had never been treated well that she felt excessively cherished and thankful for such affection.

The car arrived at the civil administration bureau shortly. The place was not crowded that day, and they soon left with two red documents.

Caressing the red certificates in her hands, Yun Bixue felt ripples in her heart. At this moment, she thought that it was all too surreal. Clutching it gently, it was as if she was holding on to the most precious item in her life.

Yun Bixue flipped open the certificate. It contained a photo of her and Xie Limo with their names written below them. Tears welled up in her eyes instantaneously.

"Young Master Xie, thank you."

Xie Limo noticed the teardrops in Yun Bixue's eyes. Removing his hand from his pocket, he softly brushed her hair. "What a silly lady, Madam Xie. In the future, you shouldn't address your own husband as Young Master Xie."

Yun Bixue also thought she was exceptionally emotional today. "Xie Limo."

"Limo!" Xie Limo corrected her.

"Then Limo, shall we let them take a picture of us? In front of the entrance." Once she called his name so intimately, it no longer sounded awkward anymore.

Xie Limo frowned slightly as if he abhorred being photographed. Nevertheless, seeing how enthusiastic his wife was, he nodded in agreement.

"Here's the plan for later. We will both hold the wedding certificates and stand alongside each other, and a passerby will take a photo for us." Yun Bixue instructed Xie Limo cheerfully.