Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 150

Chapter 150: The Terrifying Fox

Xie Limo's cold gaze swept across everyone in the meeting room. As he did, he captured everyone's look and expressions. His exquisite jade-like hand lightly tapped on the top of the table, and he did not speak a single word.

Everyone in the meeting room all felt a weight of mountains bearing down on them. The atmosphere was oppressive, and those with a guilty conscience even felt unable to catch their breaths.

Just as some of them began breaking into a sweat, Xie Limo finally collected his stares and everyone lightly heaved a sigh of relief. However, even before they could take a breather, Xie Limo released the pen he grasped in his hand. The sounds it produced made everyone alarmed again, and they dared not make a noise even as they breathed.

Until Xie Limo announced coldly and elegantly, "The meeting continues."

Everyong could finally let out their breaths. They widened their eyes and listened attentively, gravely afraid that they would be unable to bear the consequences of missing a sentence or getting caught by Young Master Xie for being distracted.

After spending a long time together, all of them were aware that Young Master Xie was indeed an overwhelmingly terrifying fox.

In the end, the meeting did not change even with the interrupting episode. It instead knocked some sense into everyone, and the meeting proceed extremely smoothly.

Shen Zhengyao wished to meet Young Master Xie, but he could not turn up empty handed. Ultimately, he searched for one of his previous lovers, and pulled all kinds of tricks to obtain some money.

He rubbed off the lipstick on his face and shook it off his hands. With the sum of money, he approached the shopping mall.

Yun Bixue instructed Xie Shiyi to drive the car, and to tail after Shen Zhengyao at an appropriate pace. In actual fact, she had been rather bored, and merely wanted to see what kinds of trouble would Shen Zhengyao generate again. She wanted to kill some time and also upgrade her skills. She could perhaps pick up some tricks and techniques from Shen Zhengyao. It was always good to learn more things.

She wanted to stand by Xie Limo's side in the future, accompanying him through all sorts of storms.

Ever since she took a guess at how magnificent and unfathomable the Xie family was, she had begun to get ready. She understood that regardless of her abilities or means, she was still inadequate. Hence, she wanted to work hard to become stronger, just like her granny Ji Qiongxin, swift and dominating. She treated different sorts of people with varying types of methods, and would never allow herself to be taken advantage of.

The previous time when Old Lady Shen had been put at a disadvantage, she could only swallow it down when she eventually woke up. The other person had innocently commented that she did not know Old Lady Shen. She had thought that she was only there to look for trouble, and she was only trying to protect her own daughter-in-law.

In particular, Old Master Yun had strongly asserted that Old Lady Shen had fainted on her own accord. Hence, Old Lady Shen had no platforms to vent her anger, and passed out twice from her fury. After she woke up during her hospitalized, she returned home and directly unleashed her rage on Yang Siru.

Because of Yun Muzhong's matter, Yang Siru had also been awfully irritated. Her heart was suffocating from her suspicions, and she also could not find someone to lose her temper at. She wanted to meet Yun Muzhong but practically failed to do so, unless Old Lady Shen ordered him to return. However, he would also leave again on the same day.

Her gang of sisters outside had secretly divulged that they had seen Yun Muzhong together with a young and dainty model. She had still been in disbelief. However, even if she had not witnessed it, the recent series of event made her unable to not suspect him, and even confirm her suspicions.

Old Lady Shen watched as Yang Siru held onto the remote control and watched her drama before the table. From time to time, she would occasionally chastise her.

As Old Lady Shen watched, she felt extremely unhappy. She started berating her, "Yang Siru, how are you behaving like someone's daughter-in-law? When the kid Muzhong is at home, you begin to rage at him. Isn't it great now? As his mother, I cannot even see my own son. You are still fooling around. Do you think you are capable now, that you don't even have respect for me, the old grandmother?"