Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Yang Siru Talks Back

Recently, Yang Siru was already living on her nerves, and had constantly been suppressing her anger. At that time, as Old Lady Shen finger-pointed and chided her, her fury welled up altogether in an instant and she exploded with lividness. She began speaking, "Mum, what do you mean by that? Muzhong not returning home is not because of me. It's not like you are not aware of it too. Nowadays, if I make a call, he never picks up. Is this all my fault?" If it were in the past, Yang Siru would never dare to answer back defiantly. However, this house had been exasperating her endlessly.

Witnessing Yang behaving as such, Old Lady Shen's eyeballs were almost popping out of their sockets. She desperately wanted to use the walking stick in her hands to hit Yang Siru. Throughout all these years, her youngest daughter-in-law had been respectful. When had she ever talked back at her before?

Old Lady Shen had even been feeling good about herself and saw herself as a high and mighty dowager. At that moment, Yang Siru had busted all her marvelous self-perceptions. Livid, she screamed, "What? Are you thinking that with the collapsed Shen family, you can disregard me, the old grandmother? Great, you Yang Siru dare to talk back to me. Don't forget that this is the Yun family. Ultimately, I call the shots in the Yun family. Look at the state you are in. You can't even grab onto your husband, yet you are still trying to show off. If Muzhong is not returning, so be it. Haven't you always only cared about yourself? When have you ever been concerned about him?" Propping herself up on her walking stick, Old Lady Shen approached Yun Muzhong, staggering in her steps.

Yang Siru's chest undulated with her indignation. "Mum, it's been so many years, and I have bore all the hardships of the house without complaints. Every time you get angry, you direct your fury towards me. You really do think that you can be tyrannical old grandmother? Also, you no longer call the shots in the Yun family" Nowadays, Yang Siru seemingly had given up and acted recklessly. At most, she would neglect everything and simply brush it off to return to the Yang family.

Old Lady Shen grabbed onto her walking stick and was just about to hit Yang Siru. The latter managed to evade it and Old Lady Shen's fury escalated. In the end, somehow Yang Siru gave Old Lady Shen a shove, and she simply fell flat on the ground.

It was unclear if she had really suffered a bad fall or was merely pretending. She laid on the ground and began causing a ruckus. "Take pity on an old grandmother like me. I have been treated in this manner by my daughter-in-law. I don't want to live anymore. Boohoo Muzhong, quickly come home and take the lead for me"

In the past, Old Lady Shen would never act like a shrew and put such hysterical shouting on display. She had also taken too many blows in the recent times. Her whole being had a breakdown, and she caused a huge fuss without a care.

Yang Siru was taken aback. Old Lady Shen had always appeared to be a high and mighty dowager. When had she ever shown such a scene?

"Mum, you You" Yang Siru stuttered. She wondered if Old Lady Shen had been maddened out of her wits, or had gone crazy. She hurriedly dialed the emergency number.

As Yun Bixue continuously drove and trailed behind Shen Zhengyao, she saw that he had taken a sum of money to the shopping mall, as though he wanted to purchase something.

Yun Muzhong and Xie Shiyi hence followed him at an appropriate pace. Just as Yun Bixue coincidentally saw her youngest uncleYun Muzhongand a dainty model together in the mall, her lips curled up into a mischievous smile. She said to Xie Shiyi, "We have a great show to watch up ahead."

Xie Shiyi stood courteously beside Yun Bixue, and felt her master's bright spirits. Her gaze also glistened, as she stared ahead.

Indeed, after Shen Zhengyao made his purchase and turned around to walk towards the doors of the mall, he unexpectedly notice Yun Muzhong. He was initially still in disbelief, but after scrutinizing for some time, he could not help but confirm that the man who was currently flirting with a young lady was indeed Yun Muzhong.